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Edmonton hypnotherapy and hypnosis-cognitive behavioral clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (nlp), solution focused counselling, psychometric assessments, executive coaching & consulting. The Cow Path Model of Changeā„¢ is a solution focused, structured 6 part model developed by Hypnosis for Life. It addresses root causes of anxiety, anger, depression, stress, confidence and addictions and offers a simplified empowered road map for lasting change by honoring the learning needs of the subconscious mind.

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One Helping is Plenty and Weight Loss Hypnosis-Level 5
RSW (registered social worker) receipt for insurance purposes.
Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Weight Loss Hypnosis-Healthy Mindset & Habit Creation Level 5

Weight loss hypnosis session philosophy-this weight loss hypnosis mp3 and journal assignment addresses helpings. Who gets to decide how many helpings you can have? Who gets to decide how big those helpings will be? You do, ultimately. However, creating new mindsets around food always requires a plan, because old subconscious programs run deep.

We each have many mind files stored away around food. From an early age we were conditioned to have specific thoughts, feelings and behaviours around what and how much is on our plates. Unfortunately, the old programs clearly do not work. Otherwise, portions/servings and helpings would not be such a burning issue with diet plans.

We know that when it comes to bodies and food, one size does not fit all, nor should it. This session will continue to help you to tune into your own innate ability to create decisions around helpings. This session builds on your ability to give your body a voice, to tune into hunger signals and your ability to know when you are full. 

The majority of individuals who access services at Hypnosis for Life have, at one time or another: 1) made good use of traditional clinical psychology services  2) made good use of needed medication  3) attended community funded support programs (community counselling, 12 step programs and/or treatment centers).

These options provide initial needed relief, however, relapse is common. Challenges tend to re-occur until the subconscious mind has fully accepted and absorbed new paths of least resistance (aka cow paths).



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