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A CEO mentality (the desire to be in charge of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors) is an innate program we are born with that slowly begins to erode with social programming. In our earliest days we have a natural desire to grow, learn, thrive and influence our conditions and environments. Those with a CEO mentality have chosen to take back control of their original potential.

Stick with me...all of the below can be obtained.

People who decide to become the CEO of their lives do not play victim to circumstances or conditions (past or present) and demonstrate the following and/or are willing to move into self recovery:

  • they are resourceful
  • they are curious learners
  • they are flexible thinkers
  • they are willing to “fail” in order to learn
  • they stay on the look out for opportunities
  • they ask for help when they need it
  • they have s.m.a.r.t. goals
  • they fine-tune goals as needed
  • they monitor progress
  • they honour the needs of their body, mind & spirit
  • they are accountable
  • they are self-aware
  • they have a desire to contribute to the world
  • they are able to bounce back from adversity
  • they are solution focused
  • they see the big picture and value small steps
  • they understand the importance of momentum
  • they have empathy for all living creatures
  • they die certain that they lived their best life

A victim mentality is a program that has been absorbed by the subconscious mind. It is not congruent with true potential. An early natural desire to thrive was replaced by fear of judgement, abandonment and rejection. Having a victim mentality doesn't mean you cannot create positive changes in your life but it does mean that you will have to be willing to create significant subconscious shifts.

Stick with me...all of the below can be dealt with.

People who have not yet decided to be the CEO of their life and play victim to circumstances or conditions (past or present) demonstrate the following because they have not yet decided to commit to a process of self recovery:

  • they are scattered and unfocused
  • they allow attention to be diluted
  • they have distorted thinking
  • they either have no goals or inappropriate goals
  • they lack follow through
  • they rely on force and willpower
  • they quit when the going gets tough
  • they feel like a victim when things do not go their way
  • they are impulsive in actions
  • they seek instant gratification
  • they do not see opportunity in failure
  • they use excuses, avoidance, and denial
  • they are ego centric
  • they have little empathy for living creatures
  • they think the world owes them
  • they die still bitching about the unfairness of life