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...a waste of time and energy...

The subconscious mind:

  • is a learning machine
  • is not your soul, spirit or higher power
  • runs outdated programs based on beliefs installed during times of vulnerability
  • serves up the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors over and over again
  • has a robotic stubborn nature that must be programmed with conscious awareness 
  • has the job of maintaining all paths of least resistance aka “cow paths"

Creating a better life can feel like an exhausting uphill battle.

Why? Most people are trying to create change from a sad, mad, frustrated or dis-empowered frame of mind. This results in a loss of momentum. Creating positive change with grace and ease requires an understanding of how ways of being become cemented in the subconscious mind. Creating change without this knowledge is like trying to pick apart a slab of cement with a toothpick.

This is a waste of time and energy.

The subconscious mind resists half-hearted attempts. If a long term easily maintained change is desired we need to:

  • Gather the right knowledge
  • Learn and practice the right skills
  • Use a logical step by step system
  • Respect the learning needs of the subconscious mind


Creating empowered change with grace and ease requires a commitment to learning a new set of practical tools.

This means a willingness to engage in a process design to support success. These are tools of personal influence that support momentum. Trying to upgrade a system with the wrong tools is just plain silly. It is like trying to fix a light socket with a garden rake.

Another waste of time and energy.

Creating a lasting change with grace and ease requires a logical proven systematic framework.

This work takes into consideration the very real learning needs of the subconscious mind. To forge ahead and demand that the subconscious mind accept a new reality without the offer of simple working model is like hiring a professional plumber to teach you gourmet cooking. 

Again, a waste of time and energy.


Positive, empowered and lasting change in any important area of our lives requires a willingness to consider a realistic set of simple steps.

These steps treat the subconscious mind with respect. These steps acknowledge that ways of being become ingrained or habituated and that there is a neurological reality to habituation. These steps treat the subconscious mind as capable of learning.

The biggest challenge for most people is impatience with the journey.

An unwillingness to engage in solid success planning will result in the loss of momentum. The journey is usually premised on a poorly constructed road map. The typical model of adult "change" is serious, arduous and lacks any meaningful creativity. No wonder most people quit before achieving their goals. Real change requires a mindset that most adults leave behind in childhood.

Remember that the subconscious mind will always turn its back on half-hearted attempts.