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Your entire life is a reflection of your self-image.

  • You were not born with a self-image
  • Your self-image was constructed for you 
  • Your self-image is likely not congruent with your potential

As stated on the homepage, our identity is at the heart of every aspect of our life and it can be re-programmed, but we must remember that the subconscious mind will only respond favorably to restructuring under very specific conditions. For now, lets first begin with a basic understanding of the self-image and begin a preliminary exploration of how it is developed and what impact it has on our lives.

It is extremely important for you to understand that your self-image is an automated programmed response. If you and I decide to work together you will hear me say, time and time again, that certain thoughts, feelings and behavoirs are automated.

This simply means that you have ways of being that have become natural, easy and second nature.

Your self-image is learned.

You were not born with a self-image.


...shamed into the back seat...

The self-image you are carrying is not necessarily congruent with the “original potential”  you began this life with. Our abilities, talents and purpose are often shamed into the back seat (you will learn more about this when you complete the required workbook).

Social programming is at the heart of many of our difficulties. Our challenges are learned. We can begin to reprogram and step into a self-image that serves us. Your entire life is a reflection of your self-image. There may be specific areas that are causing you the most concern. For example-your personal or professional experiences (relationships and performance), your over all health and well-being (emotional, mental, spiritual), your finances etc. You may have identified yourself as depressed, anxious, angry or addicted. Regardless of the current circumstances you, like everyone, will have a deeply ingrained idea or belief about who you are with respect to these external circumstances. How we perceive ourselves will either cast a dark shadow onto our lives or it will compel us to great heights, or at the very least, simple contentment.

Over time, through a process of indoctrination, you accepted and absorbed a self image via, what I often refer to, as "social programming."

You may see yourself as a success or a failure, capable or a victim, well or sick. You may experience a life of joy and purpose or live with chronic frustration. How well your life is going right NOW can be traced back to how you perceive yourself. How we perceive ourselves is closely related to how we see the world and how we navigate it.


Changing our beliefs is no small feat.

Our self image is closely tied to beliefs:

-The world is a scary place vs.the world is my playground

-I am a victim and can not impact my own life vs I am capable of learning new ways of being

-I will always be fat vs I can begin moving into a healthier mindset and habits

-I am a nervous person vs I can empower the parts of myself that are more at ease

-People cannot be trusted vs. I am learning to trust myself to choose healthy influences

-I get sick easily vs. I am learning to take care of my mind body and spirit and bounce back

-I am an addict vs. I can learn new habitual ways of being

Changing our beliefs is no small feat. It requires deliberate intentional focus and a keen understanding of how the subconscious mind works.  But you can, with the right strategies, begin to experience the “you” that is strong, capable, in control, competent, confident, certain and ready to experience life’s challenges as adventures. When we are in charge of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we are the CEO of our lives. We have within us the ability to create a self image that serves us. Creating is what we do as human beings. We either create deliberately or we allow circumstances to create for us.