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"I have been the through the range of typical services but never considered hypnotherapy for addictions. Didn’t expect that this would be such a fit. But it was, thank you from the bottom of my heart." James F  Edmonton

“Terri, I feel like I am on the other side now. I feel ten feet tall and bullet proof. I feel fearless.“ Lance D Fort McMurray

"You put the pieces back together. I know you say it is me but I say it is you." Kim R Edmonton

 “Terri you were the only one who didn’t treat me like a basketcase. I felt like one. I didn’t know what to expect but nothing else was working for me. The only other time I ever felt so good was when I was little and visiting my Grandparents. It’s been a long time since I have seen the world this way. You have my sincere gratitude.” Joyce E Lloydminister, AB

"What you did for our family, I don’t know how to even begin to tell you the difference this made to us. I thank god for this work you do." Nick G  Athabasca

“You know your stuff Terri and I sincerely mean that. You are incredibly professional and warm at the same time. It was easy to trust you and that allowed me to make the needed changes.  You have my utmost respect.” Ken. T Edmonton

Your program and how you work changed my life. I don’t think anyone else out there does half of what you do. You should come to our office and teach all those ideas. Everyone is wondering where the old me is! Going to work now is totally different for me. I never expected to be this sure of myself.” James R Edmonton, AB

"This is who I used to be. Connecting with that old me was incredibly powerful. I wish you knew how deeply you impacted me. I have no words for the gratitude I feel." Sharon L Fort Sask

 "Waking up feeling like life is worth living and being excited to get after the day. It doesn't get any better then this. Thanks for taking me on Terri, I will always remember you. " Nick, F  Los Angeles

 “My experience with Terri was incredible. I felt much more at ease then I expected to and learned so much. This was perfect for me. I have a lot of take-aways that have been making a big difference in terms of my confidence level.  Aced my interview, this was a big focus for me and something that needed to happen. Everything I learned will be implemented in the new position. Can’t thank you enough.” Trevor K, Fort Mac 

"Professional, caring and loved the follow up process. I loved how you knew how much to push me and when to back off. I am in a better place mentally and emotionally then I have been in many many years. I cant ever begin to thank you enough. I would like to refer my sister to you now." Ruth K Edmonton

“Exactly what I needed. I am more assured then I have ever been in my life. ” Sam B Edmonton, AB

"It has been a long battle for me, but the customized program helped me get back to a better life."
Jean F Sherwood Park

 "Getting a new perspective on how my parents treated me and how I don't have to keep the old programs was an eye opener. Wish I did it sooner. I have faith in me and in you and now I want my kids to see you."Trish E Drayton Valley

 "Terri I have seen alot of therapists and few hypnotherapists but you are the only one I would send my family to. You put lots of love into this and you have developed quite a unique process, I want to thank you for seeing me and let you know I will always be grateful." Jim G Edmonton

"Going to you wasn’t what I expected it to be but it was way better. You’re pretty intense about this and the need for follow up tools for depression. At first I didn’t like that but yes it makes sense and yes I have done what I said I would do and yes its working and yes I am doing really well. Thank you Terri for everything and mostly for being a nice hard ass and not letting me off the hook.” Tim Y Edmonton

 “The lens we talked about has 100% moved me out of that gravity place. My productivity has doubled and I am up for a review soon. I expect it to be positive. My certainty in myself is almost unbelievable.” Conrad L. Stony Plain, AB

"My doc says I am doing much better and I know that it is because of how you treated me so well. My family says to tell you they love you." Jean S. Saskatoon

 “Too simple. Why don’t we know this stuff!!! It is fucking fantastic to finally get my head out of my ass. Total turn around. You really know your shit, what a pleasure to work with you.” Hank H Australia

“My wife still does not know I came to see you. But she sees something different, the man I used to be I guess, not the weak one I was becoming. I’m getting another chance and I am trying to teach your process to my kids.” Kent Los Angeles

Hi Terri, twenty years of on and off therapy, and yet you gave me a set of tools that no one else seems to know about. At first I was mad when you said feeling good it isn’t rocket science. Well, you proved that it isn’t. I will be using this cow thing for the rest of my life. Absolutely life changing! Loved the follow up!" Sasha K. Edmonton 

“Doing super in my work now, thanks to you. Can’t even believe it sometimes what a difference this all made to my life. I don’t feel like a coward anymore and I trust myself like never before. You’re the best!” Dean S St. Albert

"Could not wait to tell you this…I got the promotion! My kids and husband are so excited for me. I’m not even nervous about starting, believe it or not. I have faith in me now, I’m less timid.  I’m so grateful to you for really taking the time to get me, thank you.”
Linda F Edmonton

"You helped me do what I have not been able to do for years. When I wake up in the morning I want to begin the day. I want to get out of bed. I want to accomplish my goals. My kids have their Mom back and my husband has his wife back and perhaps most importantly, I have ME back and it’s a stronger more polished version. If I could I would drag every family member, every friend, and every neighbor in to see you, plunk them down and say “pay attention!” I will always be grateful for your amazing insights and kindness. Thanks for getting me and helping me to move beyond that cowpath I was so stuck in." Jean F. St. Albert, AB

 “Got to say I like this new me much, much, much better. Gone is the meek me. My girlfriend is responding in ways I won’t even write about, don’t wanna make you blush.” Eric D Edmonton

“Hey Terri I’m doing what we agreed to and your right it gets easier. I almost forget how awkward I was before! I am becoming bolder every day.” Len W Hinton

“I appreciate what you did for me and that you didn’t give up on me even though I was an ass. Thank you. My confidence has sky rocketed and I do what needs to be done, feeling incredibly secure these days.”  Grant, A. Phoenix

Being able to drink again social was my goal. Thank you for supporting my decision." Jake F. Fort St. John

"Clean and sober. These tools should be taught in school." Teresa C  St. Albert

"I got my job back, thank you Terri. The sessions and the coaching have been the best thing I have ever done. Helps my marriage too!" Peter J 30 Edmonton

"Everyday I have used what you taught me and everyday it was easier. This is the me I missed." Frank, K California   

"Terri my relationships are back on track. The work we did and continue to do has been a life saver for me. In spite of all the raving mad rages my wife experienced from me she now gets to see a new me. As you know we are rebuilding. I have a lot of trust to earn back but I am well on my way." George, G Halifax

"I have gone from always being livid when triggered to now being the coolest cucumber in the room:) I just about ruined my life, my relationships and my career. I was a fuming idiot who got madder and madder with the less respect I got and it was a vicious cycle." Bob C Edmonton

"After losing another job I had to face facts. Yes other people can be shitheads but I can only control me. You brought out the leader in me Terri and believe it or not I am up for a promotion. I know you believe it because all along you believed even when I couldn’t and would get mad at YOU! I can hardly image a better life then I have right now. You have my utmost respect and gratitude forever" Jack W. Calgary

"What I liked most was the customization. For me this was huge. You really listened and you know your stuff. Its goddam scary to think of where my life was heading." Jim, Timmons

My husband and I are now in a much better place. The work you did with both us turned things around. We weren’t ready to give up and now we are glad we didn’t. You are a lifesaver Terri. I no longer feeling like a crazy lunatic! The rages have subsided. I still have small little bouts of irritation but they are what you’d call “normal and healthy” responses to boundary violations. We are getting better at noticing and resolving quickly. The program saved our marriage. Tim, K Vancouver

"The path is clear. No more excuses for my anger. No more fuming and scheming to get even. Every area of my life has improved, thank you Terri." Steve, F

"After two divorces I never thought I would be fit for a relationship again. I knew I had to get this anger under control. I see myself in a whole new light now and my reactions are being managed in this new relationship. I am learning its ok to feel righteous indignation and deal with it in a positive timely way." Gina W. Brandon "Especially respected the fact that you didn’t let me waste my time bitching. We got down to work fast and created the blueprint as you call it and installed it (now that’s funny). Im using the simple follow up process and feeling superb. Im in total control in the boardroom and no longer seething inside. Next time we are in town can you see my wife? " Rick K Phoenix

"I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I could learn to go from furious to just plain irritated!! What a different this makes to my world." Carol Y St. Albert

"This was well worth the investment and better then spending money on another vacation. We see these anger management tools running down into the kids and someday, god willing, into our grandkids. No more hostility and silent treatments." Dennis H Calgary

"My kids are finally getting the dad they deserve, not a constantly pissed off one." Ken T Edmonton

"This has seriously impacted my marriage greatly. Things are looking up when I don’t get so riled up over the little things. Terri thank you for the work you do." Tom M Fort Sask