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This work is solution focused, based on neuro linguistic conditioning principles, coaching and clinical hypnotherapy. This work assumes that:

  • addictions are learned ways of being
  • addiction is not a disease
  • addiction is an experience not an identity
  • the subconscious mind accepts ways of being but can be conditioned to accept healthier beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors

This work appeals to a very specific individual.

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The support package is educational and is offered with no obligation.

The package includes:

  • preliminary self-assessments
  • the Addiction Recovery-Protecting and Caring for the Future You Journal Series
  • resources and insights delivered to your inbox twice a week

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"Habits are at first cobwebs, and then cables.” Spanish proverb
"We need to systematically regain a belief in ourselves and make a decision about who we are going to be."TLC

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