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Timeline Therapy & Immersion

Regression and progression is timeline therapy. In clinical hypnotherapy we can used specific techniques to regress to childhood for the purpose of healing and self discovery. We can also use timeline therapy to progress into the future which allows for subconscious rehearsals of new ways of being. 

Everything is imprinted 

Every experience you have ever had is imprinted on the subconscious mind. While many memories are not readily accessible to the conscious mind, there is within, a storage of everything you have ever experienced.

Everything that you are today is a combination of innate preferences and early programming and is the root cause of  anger, anxietydepression & addictions.

Even as babies we are absorbing information from our environment and our caregivers. We are highly sensitive to the emotions and stress experiences of our guardians.

Parents do the best they can to meet a babies needs but naturally needs are not always met in a timely efficient fashion. The subconscious mind stores and labels this as neglect. How you see yourself, how you view the world is dependent on your early experiences.

Beliefs are absorbed early

Most people had amateur parents who did not work through their own baggage before having children. Even the most loving, the most well meaning parents, are apt to inadvertently pass on dis-empowering beliefs.

Parents are simply not equipped to consistently respond to the frenetic combustive demanding energy of childhood. The subconscious mind stores and labels this as neglect. 

You will learn more about early programming when you complete the required workbook.

Early messaging from caregivers set up a point of view. You may believe that:

-the world is your playground or it is a scary place

-you are fundamentally ok or there is something innately wrong with you

Timeline work is an intensive process that unearths the beliefs that may be holding you back from creating the life that you want in the here and now and supports you to create the beliefs that are required to step into the next phase of your life.

What do you want to create?

This is often a difficult question for people to answer. It is easier to answer the question "what do you not want?" Most people are stuck, treading water and experiencing the same problems today that they experienced last year. 

Knowing where we come from allows us to heal and make the necessary subconscious adjustments so that we can finally move into the present. 

From this place we can begin to create the future. A positive deliberate future that will come to pass requires a subconscious blueprint.

This work is solution focused. The mind offers resources, residencies and strengths from the past that have been "forgotten" so that a better present and future can be designed on a solid foundation.

"Habits are at first cobwebs, and then cables.” Spanish proverb
"We need to systematically regain a belief in ourselves and make a decision about who we are going to be."TLC

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