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Habits are at first cobwebs and then cables.” Spanish proverb
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Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-26
subconscious mind review

In the last email (please review email 25), I spoke again about the challenges of retraining the subconscious mind to accept new ways of being. I also suggested that we make significant and lasting life changes under the following circumstances:

  • We incrementally retrain our ways of being
  • We are shocked into new ways of being

My reiteration of the subconscious mind being powerful and stubborn is intended to serve as a reminder that we must approach it in a realistic manner.

Rather then allowing this to frustrate us it can instead offer us some comfort in knowing that the subconscious mind will hold on to what it has been taught. What we have consistently practiced or rehearsed becomes natural.

This tells us that that we have the capacity to learn and form habits.

We need to remember that much of what we learned in terms of our thinking, feeling and behavior habits began at a time when we had little power. As adults, we now have the capacity to reason and to problem solve.

It is these very abilities that put us in the position to now take one step ahead of the robotic mind, anticipate it, and begin to systematically plan the small incremental steps that will interrupt automatic ways of being.

Often, one small deliberate positive adjustment in a pattern will begin to create important shifts.  Our ability to recognize a pattern, interrupt it and then consciously choose something different is key.

Our ability to become increasingly competent in consistently acknowledging the outcomes of these small changes is crucial.

This means we become better at paying attention to what is working, rather then giving our attention to what is not working. Each time we allow ourselves to do this we begin to strengthen a new path of least resistance. This moves us toward the acceptance of being the CEO of our lives.

Again, I encourage you to review past emails. Each time you do this you will gain a better understanding of the subconscious mind and the process of change.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW 

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