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Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-3
subconscious mind review

In order to become the CEO of our lives (both personally and professionally) we need to begin to operate with more awareness. Much of what we think, say and do has become automated.

Automatic ways of being save us time and energy but are not always in our best interest. We need to begin to see our ways of being as programmed responses. These ways of being are referred to as "cow paths."

Some of these programmed responses allow us to navigate our world and cope with daily challenges. However, many negative programmed responses result in our lives continuing to play out in the same way over and over again.

Simply think of someone you do not particularly like and notice that right away you likely have activated a particular response.

We take our responses and/or reactions as a given. We rarely allow ourselves to recognize how automated our ways of being truly are.

In order to become the CEO of your life you must begin to pay attention (have more awareness) about how you automatically respond to the world.

Awareness sounds simple enough but surprisingly most people are quite challenged with becoming more aware.

Note-the theme of becoming the CEO of our lives is relevant to all presenting concerns including anxietyanger, depressionconfidenceaddictionsstress management, and insomnia.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW