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The majority of individuals who access services at Hypnosis for Life have, at one time or another made good use of: 1) traditional clinical psychology services  2) medication  3) community counselling, 12 step programs and/or treatment centers.

These options provide initial needed relief, however, relapse is common. Challenges tend to re-occur until the subconscious mind has fully accepted and absorbed new paths of least resistance.

Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-23
subconscious mind review

Please review email 22.

We have covered a significant amount of information in this newsletter series.

Today I want to encourage you to set some time aside to review the past emails, and once again, take the opportunity to hit reply and forward questions.

As I have indicated previously few people do this, yet, the willingness to question the information you have been offered is important.

Too often, we accept external messaging and do not consciously question it. Becoming the CEO of our lives means taking control of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

To do this, we must be willing to become a little suspicious about input, rather then passively accept what is offered to us.

At minimum, I encourage you to go back to the homepage, and begin to follow the links offered. This will reinforce important information about the subconscious mind.

Again, your privacy and confidentiality is assured.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

(780) 418-1973
M-F 7 AM-7 PM & S-S 10 AM-2 PM

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