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Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-10
subconscious mind review

In the last email, I introduced the concept of what I refer to as original potential.  If we are to take charge of our lives (become the CEO of our lives) we need to realize that much of what we are expressing is often not our original potential, but rather a compilation of what we have been taught.

When we are born we naturally wish to grow, explore, and build autonomy. We desire to express ourselves and investigate the world around us. Even while we are dependent on care givers for our very survival, there is within a desire to be independent, to use our imagination and influence our environment.

As we grow we begin to express interests, abilities and talents that are unique to each of us. For example, some children show a keen interest in drawing, while others are deeply attracted to music, animals, or nature. We each develop in different ways and at different rates as well. For example, some toddlers walk sooner, some preschoolers begin to read earlier then others, some show more desire for order and organization of their play space. Some show high sensitivity to to the moods of adults around them, while others are less influenced.

We know that how we develop as children is impacted by early programmers (aka parents). At very early age we begin to receive messaging from those in power about what is expected of us. Messages about how we should think, feel, and behave begin early. As children we are highly vulnerable and learn to fear rejection from those who literally hold our survival in their hands. This results in parts of the self retreating. I refer to the influence of external authority as social programming.

Some of the messages we receive benefit us in terms of keeping us physically safe, But many messages work to stunt the expression of our natural inclinations. Remember that most early programmers (aka parents) began the parenting journey with their own emotional baggage.

Children often rebel against confinements to the expression of their original potential.

As adults we continue to rebel against challenges that infringe upon our original potential. This tug of war between our natural desires/needs and wants, and what the environment expects, creates internal chaos. I will talk more about this internal chaos in the next email.

Again, please remember this mail out is sequential. If you need to go back and review the last emails please take the time to do so.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW