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workshop-integrating subconscious restructuring principles with innate personality preferences

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ceo mindset-1

ceo mindset-1

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graceful steps to success

Supporting the subconscious mind-the subconscious mind resists half-hearted attempts.If a long term easily maintained change is desired we need to: gather the right knowledge, learn and practice the right skills, use a logical step by step system Respect the learning needs..

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cow path model of change

Cow Path Model of Change™-the model is a structured, systematic 6 part model developed by Hypnosis for Life. The model supports the creation of new, deliberate, conscious and freely chosen paths of least resistance by honoring the learning needs of the subconscious mind.

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Picking your battles

Pick your battles-In relationships we are continually “firing off” triggers with and without intent. Truly, most of us are clueless about our own triggers and associations and yet expect others to “know” when a line has been crossed.

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Controlled use and addictions-edmonton addictions services

Edmonton hypnotherapy addictions and controlled use-beyond the medical and spiritual/morality model and somewhere along the continuum there exists the possibility for some people to create healthier parameters around their use while maintaining functional capacity.

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Upcoming Confidence Workshop Edmonton-confidence and addictions

Upcoming Confidence Workshop Edmonton-confidence and addictions. Developing new tools and strategies to support the development of confident thoughts, feelings and behaviors should ideally be included in any addictions treatment program.

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addictions edmonton hypnotherapy and spousal relationship

hypnotherapy for addictions and spousal strain

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