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Habits are at first cobwebs and then cables.” Spanish proverb
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For most people addiction recovery and creating a sober identity is a process filled with learning, healing, relapses and forward gains.

There is no one treatment method that is ideal for all people. Hypnosis for Life supports and recognizes the benefits of all addiction recovery efforts including-medical intervention, 12 step programs, self-help and residential treatment. However, work at HFL addresses the subconscious mind, a part of the self that is not usually considered in more traditional treatment.

  • The subconscious mind of the addicted/problem user has accepted "addiction/problem user" as an identity.

The majority of people who begin this work are not ready to quit using substances or have a range of clean time with continued relapses. The majority have also made good use of more traditional resources.

One reason that people stagnate in their recovery efforts is a lack of understanding about how the subconscious mind operates. 

The task of the subconscious mind is to maintain the status quo. It prefers paths of least resistance or well-worn, habitual hard-wired ways of being (aka cow paths). The subconscious mind is not concerned with what is in your best interest (original potential or a better future) but it can be influenced to accept and honor new ways of being.

The subconscious mind fuels addiction so recovery takes planning.

Living a satisfied, sober life will require new beliefs and behaviors.

  • This work recognizes addiction as an experience, not an identity.

Preparing for a sober future requires a willingness to honestly acknowledge challenges and triggers. It also requires a realistic plan for re-educating the subconscious mind to willingly accept new paths of least resistance (cow paths).

A customized recovery toolbox allows individuals to prepare for sobriety on their terms, manage relapses and deal with the challenges that come with influencing the subconscious mind to accept new ways of being. 

Support (780) 418-1973 Mon-Sun 7am-8pm

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