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  • You were not born with anxiety.
  • Anxiety is a learned state that has become a path of least resistance. It becomes a subconsciously driven habitual way of being.
  • Many individuals learn to use substances as a method to reduce uncomfortable arousal. 

Anxious individuals are at risk for developing anger, depression and/or addiction issues. People who feel anxious often have become very talented at creating the thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to an anxious state. So talented in fact that the state of anxiety can be subconsciously triggered at a moments notice.

It is not unusual for the anxious individual to become fixated on internal and external negative judgments. Common thoughts are “I can't breathe, I can't think straight, my mind is either in a fog or it is racing." Going through life feeling on edge, apprehensive and uneasy can play havoc with mental and physical states. People who describe themselves as panicky and fretful seem to be more susceptible to feeling run down and are more likely to attract colds, flu and experience headaches and stomach aches. 

For the addict or problem user this creates a vicious cycle. Patterns "wind" up the individual and the use of substances are intended for the use of winding down, and there is no real resolution.


I cannot control the racing of my mind.

I lack energy and clarity for needed decisions.

I worry people can tell how nervous I am.

I feel anxiety is located in my chest.

I have trouble falling asleep.

I am unsatisfied with my social life.

I feel as though I am in a confusion bubble.

I have trouble breathing fully.

I find small talk tiring.

I experience headaches.

I do not have as much confidence as I would like to have.

I lack energy and clarity for needed actions.

I feel as though something bad will happen.

I would like to avoid, hide from the world.

I am often irritable.I feel anxiety in my stomach.

I judge myself negatively.

I feel like I am crazy-making.

I have trouble staying asleep.

I cannot trust the decisions I make when anxious.

I was a worry wart as a child.

I am currently taking anti-anxiety medication.

I know that anxiety is limiting my potential.

I have taken a leave from work in the past

I am on a leave of absence from work

I see that my family is worried about me.

I suspect one of my parents were either anxious or depressed.

I compare my accomplishments with others.

I find the expectations of other drain me.

I begin the day feeling stressed.

I find my mind often goes blank.

I find that anxiety exhausts my body.

I am currently taking anti-depressant medication.

I have made use of traditional therapy in the past

I find that anxiety exhausts my mental capacity.

I often feel overwhelmed by daily tasks.

I see this problem is gaining momentum.