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-customized online toolboxes offer a private and discrete treatment option-


Terri Lee Cooper MSc RSW NLP_M CCH DCH  
St. Albert Medical Center (780) 418-1973  
Monday-Friday 9-5pm Saturday 10-2pm MST  

  • Most individuals considering this service have plenty of questions. Their information needs are relatively high.
  • Completing a professional intake often begins with an educational consultation to make certain that information needs are met.
  • This process supports the goal of ensuring a "good fit" between the proprietary model and the client who is best able to benefit from this level of service, and begins an important assessment process.

All preliminary telephone consultations are scheduled. All consultations are prepaid by credit card or email transfer. Preliminary consultation fees are absorbed into the cost of some programming levels. You may schedule an initial consultation without filling in a preliminary self-assessment & consultation request form, however, your needs will be better met by taking the time to do so.

In order to prepare for your preliminary consultation please do the following:

1. Set 15 minutes aside to review the site, and pinpoint specific questions you may have. 
2. Ensure that you have uninterrupted privacy for a minimum of one hour. 
3. Have your browser open to the site, and a paper and pen available.