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Edmonton hypnotherapy and hypnosis-cognitive behavioral clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (nlp), solution focused counselling, psychometric assessments, executive coaching & consulting. The Cow Path Model of Change™ is a solution focused, structured 6 part model developed by Hypnosis for Life. It addresses root causes of anxiety, anger, depression, stress, confidence and addictions and offers a simplified empowered road map for lasting change by honoring the learning needs of the subconscious mind.

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"Terri, your program and how you work  changed my life. I don’t think anyone else out there does half of what you do. You should come to our office and teach all those ideas. Everyone is wondering where the old me is! Going to work now is totally different for me. I never expected to be this sure of myself.” James R Edmonton, AB 


James is a 35-year-old man in professional sales. He lives common law, has one young child and another on the way. He is an inside sales rep for a technology company and has an educational background in commerce. He grew up in a family of high achievers and often felt that he did not measure up with respect to the achievements of his siblings.

James described himself as somewhat introverted and had successfully managed to avoid taking on training and assignments that could eventually lead to promotions. While a part of him aspired to move into sales management another part for fearful about his ability to lead. He considered himself to be one of the top performers but was realistic about his lack of leadership skills.

Over the past several years he had invested considerable energy into trying to convince himself that he was content with his role in the company. He had even begun to view his more ambitious peers in a derogatory light.

 Ultimately James was frustrated with the internal war that was pushing him toward advancement while also keeping him stuck in the status quo. He admitted that he was experiencing bouts of mild depression and anxiety. His level of stress was impacting his relationship at home and was interfering in his ability to make decisions and take deliberate action.

When James requested support his impetus was the the need to provide a better life was his growing family. He foresaw upcoming opportunities for advancement in the company and wanted a fighting chance to respond favorably. His goal in seeking support was to increase his level of confidence in himself.

Collaborating with James to achieve his goal involved combining a healing and growing approach. When our work began he was surprised by the level of anger he had towards his family of origin. Long held dis-empowering beliefs about his lack of potential surfaced strongly and he was eager to learn how to lay these to rest. James willingly accessed several assessment instruments which gave us a wealth of information regarding latent leadership qualities and this data was incorporated into our game plan. A combination of hypnotherapy, solution focused coaching and several highly structured field assignments allowed James to begin to develop (and move back into) a more confident persona.

James completed all phases of our work together and has stayed in touch when needed, via short telephone consults and email updates. He has learned to focus on innate strengths and has developed several key communication strategies that have allowed him to feel more at ease in stepping up and influencing the direction of the company he works for. His level of confidence has increased and he currently is designing an innovative inside sales training workshop with the support of senior management.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH

St. Albert Medical Centre

The majority of individuals who access services at Hypnosis for Life have, at one time or another: 1) made good use of traditional clinical psychology services  2) made good use of needed medication  3) attended community funded support programs (community counselling, 12 step programs and/or treatment centers).

These options provide initial needed relief, however, relapse is common. Challenges tend to re-occur until the subconscious mind has fully accepted and absorbed new paths of least resistance (aka cow paths).



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