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People who explore hypnosis for anxiety sometimes feel like they are going crazy. This makes perfect sense given that the experience of anxiety comes and goes at different levels of intensity. In addition, anxiety involves a mindstorm of chemicals that play havoc on the body’s internal organs. The physical changes that one experience can be frightening and can leave an individual feeling exhausted by the sense of dread. 

Periods of anxiety are crazy making and yet, even the most anxious have moments of calm, comfort and rational logic. Even those individuals who feel the most out of control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors during moments of high anxiety have within their memory bank moments of clarity and ease. 

However, these individuals will often deny ever having experienced a time in their lives when they were able to relax, when they were able to notice feelings of unease beginning and they were able to interrupt their patterns and move back into a comfortable state. 

The anxious person has often become so identified with the state of anxiety that they forget it is just that, a state and only one state of which they are capable of creating. We are not born to be anxious. Anxiety responses are habituated and can be replaced.

The majority of individuals who access services at Hypnosis for Life have, at one time or another made good use of: 1) traditional clinical psychology services  2) medication  3) community counselling, 12 step programs and/or treatment centers.

These options provide initial needed relief, however, relapse is common. Challenges tend to re-occur until the subconscious mind has fully accepted and absorbed new paths of least resistance.

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