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A mastermind group is a creative, synergistic solution focused process that brings a small group of like minded individuals together for the purpose of achieving common personal or professional goals. A well-designed mastermind group provides support and accountability toward goal attainment.

These mastermind groups are highly curated.

Screening and on-boarding processes ensure high-level membership matches.

Professionally developed masterminds have a facilitator who:

-is responsible for vetting members

-provides structure and accountability processes

-manages group dynamics and ensures all members needs are met


Professionally developed masterminds have members who:

-are genuinely committed to achieving a personal or professional goal

-open to learning, and willing to be challenged

-seek genuine involvement in a community of peers

-are prepared to take action toward a goal

-are committed to the success of their peer’s goals

-prepared to contribute ideas and support

Request inclusion in a mastermind database:

There is no cost to completing an initial screening application. Your information will be included in a private and confidential database.

You will be matched with a small group of individuals prior to on-boarding.

Inclusion in an addictions controlled use mastermind involves a vetting and on-boarding process.

Please begin by completing an addictions personal assessment.

Once you have completed the initial self-assessment you will receive additional information via email.

You are encouraged to call the office for additional information.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc RSW

Monday-Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm

(780) 418-1973

"Habits are at first cobwebs, and then cables.” Spanish proverb
"We need to systematically regain a belief in ourselves and make a decision about who we are going to be."TLC

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