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"A year from now you will wish you had started today."  Karen Lamb


Not ready to quit using?

The majority of people who begin this work are not yet ready to quit using. They are however ready to begin exploring:

  • the possibility of eventually quitting.
  • making adjustments to their substance use.

Many people who begin this work want to do the following before making a commitment to never using again:

  • resolve past trauma
  • learn how to create new mindsets
  • develop disciplined thinking 
  • strengthen stress management skills
  • develop a stronger version of the self

These are realistic and honest places to begin. Why? Because, barring being locked up, you will find a way to access your substance, until you are ready to either quit or make needed adjustments to your use. 

The idea of never using again is terrifying for many. In spite of wake-up calls, it can be hard to imagine a life without substances and this creates a void that can feel unbearable. The subconscious mind naturally creates a fear response to any attempt to change hard-wired habits.

No amount of wheedling, crying, demanding or begging from those that love you will create a lasting impact until you are ready. People who abuse or misuse substances do so for a reason and will continue to fall off the wagon until real change is accepted by the subconscious mind. 

Addicts or problem users who quit without re-educating the subconscious mind, hold on to sobriety by a thin thread, always at the mercy of internal and external triggers. They struggle to present a sober front to the outside world, and in the process, create chaos between long standing programming and potential.  Until a new identity is created and connection with potential is re-established, the subconscious mind will continue to revert to the mindsets and behaviors of the addict or problem user.

This work is a process that uncovers and heals the parts of the self that made the decision to begin using. The decision to use was imprinted on the subconscious mind and was initially a loving intention to sooth the self. This work is a process that heals the chaotic war between what has been programmed and what needs to be strengthen (original potential).


If we wish to create a change in our lives, it begins with a decision.

The decision to explore possibilities is a good place to start. 

Explore Levels 12 and 3 to determine which service/program best fits your current level of commitment and budget.