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Habits are at first cobwebs and then cables.” Spanish proverb
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Supporting the Subconscious Mind to Accept a New Self-Image

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People come to this work when:

  • they have identified themselves as someone who lacks confidence 
  • they have identified themselves as someone who has lost confidence 

Most people lack confidence to some degree. This is perfectly logical. The subconscious mind has accepted ways of being, paths of least resistance (aka cow paths) and fights to maintain what is, whether or not it is in our best interest.

The decision to shore oneself up in preparation for making needed changes is for many people, a realistic one. The decision to make use of every available resource when we are attempting to seduce the subconscious mind into accepting a new reality is an intelligent one.

Only you can decide the intention and mindset that you will bring into this series. What you receive from this series today will be very different from what you might receive several months from now, if you decide to complete the series a second time.

Every time you allow yourself to examine, explore and experiment, you begin to slowly and incrementally cause the subconscious mind to sit up and take notice. 

Support (780) 418-1973 Mon-Sun 7am-8pm

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