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Hypnosis for Life offers private program packages and a membership program. HFL is one of the longest running clinical hypnotherapy practices in the Edmonton region and has consistently been at the forefront of offering innovative treatment options.

Packages and memberships are grounded in solution focused tenants, cognitive-behavioral hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.

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  • Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH)
  • Master-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP_M)
  • Social Psychology (MSc.)
  • Registered Social Worker (BSW, RSW)
  • Personality type (ENFJ)
  • Past training/employment-family dynamics, mental health & addictions
  • Associations/Organizations/Memberships/Certifications-Christopher Leadership Certification-MBTI step 2 certification-Perron Street St.Albert Business District-Association for Conflict Resolution-Social Psychology Network-Society for Personal and Social Psychology-Marketing Research and Intelligence Association-Toastmasters-The National Federation of Linguistic Programming-Alberta College of Registered Social Workers-Professional Board of Hypnotherapy-CapitalIdeasEdmonton-American Psychology Association-The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues-American Psychology-Law Society-Centre for Creative Leadership

A solution focused programming approach asks “what else is possible?” While challenges or pain are valid, revisiting the past as a therapeutic approach simply serves to strengthen ways of being that do not serve us.

As with all professions, each person brings a range of personal experiences and training into the helping process. The following reflects what I have come to see as basics truths when it comes to creating long term change.

  • The self-image is housed in the subconscious mind.
  • The life we are living is consistent with our self image not our potential.
  • The self-image is a habituated response that has been programmed.
  • We will never out perform our self-image until the subconscious mind accepts and absorbs a healthier one.

The reality is that our perceptions of ourselves regulate our lives. Our abilities, talents, wisdom and purpose are often shamed into the back seat at an early age. As we grow, the subconscious mind deletes and distorts any data that is not congruent with the adopted self-image. While innate personality traits play a role in how our life unfolds, social programming plays a heavy hand.

How you think, feel and behave today is a result of your spongy-like mind absorbing information, from a range of source, during times when you did not have the capacity to critique incoming data. These times of vulnerability happen in childhood and adulthood.

When we begin to deliberately influence the subconscious mind, we are restructuring it. The subconscious mind is a learning machine and a servo mechanism. It’s learning needs must be respected if we are to create lasting change.

A new self image requires programming. Without programming the subconscious mind will always return to paths of least resistance. These paths of least resistance can be found in the thought, feeling and behavior patterns that are aligned with the self-image. At Hypnosis for Life we refer to these as familiar ways of being or “cow paths “that run deep.

Old cow paths block the way to achieving our goals and reaching our potential. If we are not satisfied with our lives we are not “broken” “crazy” or “incapable” we simply need to make a commitment to installing new programs.

In terms of identity shifts and habit formation, simple hypnosis has short term results for most people. The stubborn subconscious mind will return to a path of least resistance, when we are stressed or triggered. This is the lazy nature of the subconscious mind.

Subconscious restructuring is a specialized process that takes into consideration the reality of the mind being a robotic learning machine. This is especially useful for people who are not reasonably suggestible, but are “thinkers” or analytical types. The conscious analytical mind can get in the way of the ability/willingness to move into trance or receptive state. NLP tools and strategies do not require true trance.

In order to cement change we need to bring cellular memory into the equation. This simply means that we must actively participate in our transformation rather then sit passively accepting suggestions (recliner approach). This active participation creates a deliberate, specific blueprint for the stubborn subconscious mind. Through the principles of learning and active engagement, new ways of being, consistent with a healthier self-image, become second nature.

Remember that we do not out perform our self image. However, the working of our subconscious mind does not need to be mystical or feel out of our reach. Rather, a little additional effort, beyond a traditional recliner approach, allows us to program a self-image that is consistent with our goals and potential.   


The subconscious mind:
  • is a learning machine
  • is not your soul, spirit or higher power
  • runs outdated programs based on beliefs installed during times of vulnerability
  • serves up the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors over and over again
  • has a robotic stubborn nature that must be programmed with conscious awareness
  • has the job of maintaining the status quo
  • prefers familiar, well-worn paths of least resistance aka cow paths
  • can be re-educated


We are each born with unique, innate tendencies (original potential).

Throughout life we are exposed to negative external environments or circumstances (social programming).

There is a dynamic interplay between these two forces which creates a chaotic state of vulnerability.

During these periods of vulnerability, the subconscious mind accepts “realities” that are not congruent with our capacity to create a satisfying life.

Thoughts, feelings and behaviors (ways of being) develop a neurological reality over time (path of least resistance).

These ways of being become hard-wired, are easily triggered, and have a multitude of associations and anchors.   

However, when we begin to understand how the subconscious mind operates and make a decision to become the CEO of our lives, we can incrementally cease being at the mercy of past events or current circumstances and begin closing the GAP between where we are and where we want to be in life.

Becoming the CEO of our lives means that we consciously, deliberately choose to develop new subconscious programs. 

The thrust of this work is to support the programming of new healthy, freely chosen paths of least resistance. 

While present concerns demand our attention, the goal is to protect and care for our future self.


Most people are trying to create change from a sad, mad, frustrated or dis-empowered frame of mind. This results in a loss of momentum. Creating positive change with grace and ease requires an understanding of how ways of being become cemented in the subconscious mind. Creating change without this knowledge is like trying to pick apart a slab of cement with a toothpick.

This is a likely waste of time and energy.


The subconscious mind resists half-hearted attempts. If a long term easily maintained change is desired we need to:

  • gather the right knowledge
  • learn and practice the right skills
  • use a logical step by step system
  • respect the learning needs of the subconscious mind


Creating empowered change with grace and ease requires a commitment to learning a new set of practical tools.

This means a willingness to engage in a process design to support success. These are tools of personal influence that support momentum. Trying to upgrade a system with the wrong tools is just plain silly. It is like trying to fix a light socket with a garden rake.

Another waste of time and energy.


Creating a lasting change with grace and ease requires a logical proven systematic framework.

This work takes into consideration the very real learning needs of the subconscious mind. To forge ahead and demand that the subconscious mind accept a new reality without the offer of simple working model is like hiring a professional plumber to teach you gourmet cooking. 

Again, a waste of time and energy.


Positive, empowered and lasting change in any important area of our lives requires a willingness to consider a realistic set of simple steps.

These steps treat the subconscious mind with respect. These steps acknowledge that ways of being become ingrained or habituated and that there is a neurological reality to habituation. These steps treat the subconscious mind as capable of learning.


The biggest challenge for most people is impatience with the journey.

An unwillingness to engage in solid simple process will result in the loss of momentum. The journey is usually premised on a poorly constructed road map. The typical model of adult "change" is serious, arduous and lacks any meaningful creativity. No wonder most people quit before achieving their goals. Real change requires a mindset that most adults leave behind in childhood.


The subconscious mind is influenced during times of high vulnerability (childhood and/or stressful events as adults).

When we are vulnerable decisions are made to protect the self, and to enhance well-being. These decisions may seem realistic, practical and helpful at the time.

However, the subconscious mind, is a servo-mechanism and is not capable of distinguishing whether or not these decisions are helpful in the present.

The subconscious mind has one job-to maintain the status quo.

The subconscious mind is not our soul or our spirit. It does not have the ability to determine if a past decision is in our best interest, or if it is applicable to the here and now.

The decision to respond to stressful events through anxiety, depression, anger or addiction must be viewed as being driven by the desire to care for the self (original intention). However, the manifested outcomes of these decisions eventually creates challenges on many levels.  

  • The part that seeks to maintain the status quo is often not in alignment with current goals. If this part is not re-educated we simply will not reach our full potential. 
  • The manifested outcomes of past decisions become subconsciously hard-wired, and hinders what we wish to achieve in the present, and ensures that our goals for the future will be thwarted.

This work views all challenges as realistic outcomes of decisions that were made, and cemented, at a time of vulnerability.  Fundamentally, we seek to protect the integrity of the self but create ways of being that do not serve us in the long run. All presenting concerns are viewed as natural, normal, realistic, and practical outcomes (manifestations) that are a result of positive initial intentions.

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