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Workshop-Integrating Subconscious Restructuring Principles and Innate Personality Preferences
September 30-October 1/17

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Workshop-Integrating Subconscious Restructuring Principles and Innate Personality Preferences

September 30 & October 1/17 10am-6pm

St. Albert Medical Clinic

Facilitator-Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW


Becoming the CEO of our lives requires that we oversee our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Understanding the dynamic interplay between innate personality preferences and the impact of social programming allows us to develop greater influence over the robotic subconscious mind.

Important-seating is limited to ensure that individual learning needs are met so please register quickly if you intend to come. RSW receipts provided for insurance purposes.


Before the weekend workshop you will:

Complete the psychometric instrument MBTI® Step 2 on the online portal. You will recall receiving a sample interpretive report in the educational series. You may remember that our innate personality preferences impact:

-our preferred communication style

-our preferred decision-making style

-our preferred change management style

-our preferred conflict management style


During this weekend workshop, we will:

  •  work through the 4 part Cow Path Model of Change™ (external influences of social programming)
  • begin integrating results from the MBTI® Step 2 (internal influences of innate preferences)


After the weekend workshop, you will:

  • work though the online classroom curriculum designed to further support your integration of the Cow Path Model of Change™ and the MBTI® Step 2 outcomes. 


Please connect with me soon if this weekend workshop is of interest to you. 

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

(780) 418-1973 

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