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Leaving Food On My Plate with Weight Loss Hypnosis
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Weight loss hypnosis session philosophy-this weight loss hypnosis mp3 and journal assignment addresses leaving food on your plate. Do you usually leave food on your plate? Many people eat every little morsel whether they are still hungry or not. Think back to your last meal, did you finish it all or did you leave a little?

There may have been times that you have saved a little food, putting it away in the fridge and saving it for a snack or tomorrow’s lunch. There may have been times that you did not feel well enough to eat and simply had no appetite for the food that was on your plate.

There is little doubt that many times you eat without paying much attention to taste, smells and textures and do not receive the sensual benefit of your food. When you do this you may be surprised to see an empty plate but feel no real satisfaction inside.

For many people leaving food on the plate may bring recollections of the admonitions received in childhood. Leaving food on the plate may have meant that others would starve. Leaving food on the plate may have been viewed as disrespect for the cook. While you may view these past messages as irrelevant to the here and now past messaging influences today’s beliefs and actions.

What are your beliefs about leaving food on the plate? What does food left on the plate say about you? How do you feel when you have prepared a meal and a guest has left food on their plate? When we fully accept that what we do today is a programmed response we can begin to create a better response, on purpose. We can begin to choose what meaning we give to leaving food on our plates. Once we do this consciously, we can begin to program it subconsciously.

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