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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Transitions & The Next Phase of Your Life
"When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Benjamin Franklin

Who do you plan to become over the next six months? The next year? How about in the next five years?

Life is full of transitions and yet, most people passively move into the next phase/stage of their lives with very little planning. People spend more time planning weddings, baptisms and vacations then they do planning for personal development.

Life is about change. 

This reality cannot be escaped. 

It is human nature to resist change and yet, it is also human nature to feel the compulsion to grow and expand.

Why is this? The subconscious mind is designed to stay the course. It loves what is familiar. Yet, it also serves a protective feature designed for adaptation.

The subconscious mind houses our identity and our beliefs. These beliefs are about self perception and about the world around us.

Our beliefs fuel our lives. They determine how happy, healthy and successful we will be. We go to war for our beliefs. This is the power of beliefs. The next phase of life, if it is to be better, and deliberately designed, will require a new set of beliefs and actions.

Outdated beliefs were installed during times of vulnerability.

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In order to consciously and deliberately create our future we must be willing to accept that some of our beliefs may need to be updated. Failure to accept this will result in transitions that are more of a struggle then they need to be. Being an active engaged participant in the transitional periods of our lives requires a move away from the victim persona.

Two ways to "change."

The push for change generally come under two umbrellas:

 1)  The push for change comes from the outside-an event happens that we do not feel we are in control of:

-being let go from a job, a spouse leaving, an unplanned pregnancy, a move, an unexpected promotion, a health scare, a death in the family

2) The push for change comes from an internal pressure to move back into original potential.

It can be an exciting time when we decide that “something needs to change.” It can also be scary and frustrating. When we decide that it is time to move into the next phase of our lives we often feel as though we are in a wild ocean without a life jacket. Our original potential is that part of us that yearns for more. It is an inner knowing that we are living below our capacity and that life is meant to be richer, fuller and more meaningful.

Failure to move into original potential results in an ongoing internal struggle that often leads to depression, anxiety and addictions.

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