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Hi there, Terri Lee Cooper once again. Thank you for joining me for the CEO series. So, today I don’t have a question for you but I am going to draw a bit of a diagram for you and we will talk about it. Now, when I draw this diagram, people often think that looks like a bum. Sometimes people think it is golden arches, some people think it is breasts without the nipples. Iit’s none of those things. It’s just a visual representation of what we are going to get into now. Past, present, future. Now, in the present moment we have the choice to be in charge of our state. In the present moment we can choose to go back into our past and pick up garbage. We do that through the use of undisciplined imagination. Travelling back in time in our imagination, focusing on those things that dis-empower us, difficult challenges, and feelings that we had, maybe what we consider to be failures, we travel back in time in our imaginations and we pick up garbage. So, we bring that state that we have created, with our focus, back into the present. We have altered our state in the moment to something that is dis-empowering. So, we are going to bring that state with us out into the future and from planning our future from that dis-empowered state, the future we plan is probably not going to be so great. Now, let’s remember that the future can be five minutes from, five years from now. Now in this present moment right now we want to be making decisions consciously, creating a state that is empowered that allows us to be energized, creative so that we can create our future. Now there is nothing wrong with going back and reviewing what I call our old mind files, the story of our lives, and the movies of our life but let’s do that in a specific way. Let’s travel back in time through the use of our imagination to replay experiences that uplift us. This is focusing on our strengths, our resiliency, the lessons that we’ve learned, the stepping stones for us, and we all have them. Sometimes they don’t feel like they are at the fore, they feel like they are further back in our filing cabinet, the cabinet of our mind but we all have them. And what’s really exciting is once we begin to focus on those experiences, this present moment becomes more empowering. We can’t help but feel more elevated, more empowered when we are giving old positive uplifting memories our attention; I call that giving them airtime. the more airtime we give to those positive experiences, the more we build ourselves up, the more we create an empowered state in the moment which then allows us to bring something wonderful as we go out into the future planning our future from a state that feels rejuvenated, vibrant, energized healthy, balanced. From that place we stand a much better chance of creating the future that we want. And then we can change this F into a P for potential. We stand a much better chance of moving back in to our original potential when we keep this in mind. If at any given moment we are feeling out of sorts, we are not feeling productive, we are not moving forward we can ask ourselves where am I on this funny looking graph, this funny looking picture, am I going back in time and being a garbage picker or am I going back in time and focusing on something that serves me? Really allowing myself to step back into those feelings and enjoy those pictures again knowing that when I do that, I’m going to create a different state in the moment, which is going to allow me to create something different for my future, which remember, can be five minutes from now. We always have the ability to do that, with practice. So what we practice becomes easy for us. However we want to make sure that what we are practicing is going to serve us. Don’t practice garbage picking; it’s not going to serve you. So take this away with you, give it some consideration, you might want to draw a picture down and again this is just another idea, another tool for you to play with to be curious about and make it work for you. Being the CEO of our lives is about being in charge of our thoughts, our feelings and behaviors and in order to do that we need strategies and tools. So here is something for you to play with, whatever you want to call it. Take care well see you again soon, bye bye.

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