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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Taking Anger Down A Notch

Instructions-Print this page for easy reference.

Read through the exercise at least once. Decide to give it a go. Practice the exercise at least three times when you are feeling reasonably "ok." Actively participate by standing and following the directions. Say the words out loud. Play with voice tones. Practicing puts the exercise into "cellular memory" which will allow you to call on the strategy when you need it.

Part A

I’m dreadfully enraged!!!!

I’m extremely furious!!!

I’m hopping mad!!

I’m very angry!

(three deliberate deep breaths and change positions to another part of the room)

Part B

I’m really irritated.

I’m kinda annoyed

I’m sorta put out.

I’m just irked.

(three deliberate deep breaths, shoulders down and move slowly to another part of the room)

Part C

I’m a wee bit cross.

I’m a little bit perturbed.

I’m a teensy bit chagrined.

(three deliberate deep breaths, shoulders down and skip to another part of the room)

Part D

I’m a teensy weensy bit bothered.

I’m an itsy bitsy bit miffed

I’m a just a smidgen peeved.

(three deliberate deep breaths, shoulders down and dance to another part of the room)

Part E

I guess I am just not as comfortable as I would like to be, yet.

Repeat as needed. Decide where to begin the next round- B,C or D?


As you move through the exercise you are focusing your attention, slowing down your physiological state, increasing blood flow back to your organs and giving yourself an opportunity to move from an aroused state to a calm state and clear mind. You are teaching your body to move from an unproductive agitated state to a calmer productive state.

Words and movement are important. When we offer ourselves creative language we fire off a better range of internal associations. New words do not necessarily deny the present state of emotion but it can support a change in perspective and bodily sensations. Sometimes anger is a valid cue that something needs to change. Even so, we make better choices when our head is clear. Sometimes anger is simply a cow path which in hindsight makes no logical sense. (I refer to our automatic ways of being as our cow paths). 

Offering a better quality of word choice and moving our body deliberately opens the door to the possibility of stepping into a better experience.

Try the exercise. Print it out. Share it with someone else who might benefit. Have some fun with the language, make a few changes here and there to make it work for you. NLP is about experimenting, being curious, fine tuning and tweaking. 




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