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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Stinking Thinking-Thoughts are Habits

Does stinking thinking get in the way of you feeling good and being happy? Do you think you are a stinky thinker? Now your spouse, friends and co-workers may have an opinion on that but ultimately you will decide whether or not stinking thinking applies to you. You will also decide just how much stinky thinking gets in the way of you having the life you want.

I am guessing that you have already made some decisions about that or you would not be reading this site. There are area/s of your life that you suspect your thinking is creating problems. If the idea self sabotage resonates with you then you are likely in the right place. So welcome,  stinky thinker, you are courageous. I commend you for putting your toe in the water and being willing to explore this topic.

Looking at and managing our thinking is usually one of the most challenging tasks most can people take on. It is so challenging that many people simply do not bother. That is a shame because I believe that there is a fairly easy way to feel good and be happy.

Some folks automatically equate stinking thinking habits with 12 step programs; however, even people who do not have an addiction can become incredibly talented at stinking thinking. We can subconsciously restructure this path of least resistance that keeps us from feeling good and being happy.

  • Stinking thinking gets in the way of our progress, it doesn’t help us or support us, it keeps us stuck and limits our ability to move forward.
  • Stinking thinking is often fantasy in nature with little basis in the here and now.
  • Stinking thinking piles up over time and with practice.
  • Stinking thinking becomes a habit just like any thing we practice.
  • Stinking thinking is just a thought habit.
  • Stinking thinking habits reinforce beliefs that do not serve us.
  • Stinking thinking habits stop us from taking productive action.
  • Stinking thinking habits give us an excuse for inaction.
  • Stinking thinking lets us play victim.
  • Stinking thinking cripples the human spirit because it is in essence chronic negativity.



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