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A chronic lack of sleep will catch up with you. Not only does your health suffer but eventually a lack of sleep will result in irritability and an unattractive fatigued personal appearance. A lack of sleep will impact your performance at work and in the bedroom. Most people with insomnia issues require additional coping tools and self management strategies. Often we see concerns with anxiety or depression, and misuse of substances

Stress management, self discovery work and clinical hypnotherapy for programming can improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, increase your immunity and change your outlook on life. 

The mind/body connection is no longer in question. It is an accepted fact and we need to respect the interplay between our parts. The bottom line is that we are healthier, more effective, creative and productive in our many roles when we are well rested. 

How do you sleep at night? Are you waking up feeling revitalized, refreshed and ready to get at the day?

If not, then you may have fallen into poor sleep habits. Many people suffer with an ongoing chronic lack of sleep. The problem often begins during a time of high stress and continues to be carried over.

If sleep issues are not resolved they can begin to negatively impact physical and mental health. Personal and professional performance can be significantly impacted.

If you are constantly feeling fatigued and have been struggling with getting good nights sleep you may have set up a frustrating subconscious program.

You have created a debilitating pattern around sleeping and this will likely not be resolved until new measures are taken. Feeling refreshed, invigorated and raring to go in the mornings may feel like a pipe dream. 

Sleeping well allows us to manage the demands of our days with more ease. Waking up rested and in good spirits is critical for personal effectiveness.  

Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, “jerky” sleep, early wakening or not sleeping for days. Often these patterns seem to develop out of the blue. However there is usually an event that creates the pattern. As humans we tend to take “un-useful” events and practice them until they become second nature. 

Activating the relaxation response within the body and mind is often a side benefit of this work. While the goal may be to address anxiety or confidence, an additional bonus for many people is the “first good rest they have had in a long time.”

This is especially the case for individuals who tend to be analyzers, Type A,  or “thinkers in over-drive.”  (see stress management & personal effectiveness)

Hypnosis coupled with nlp tools can support the conditioning of the relaxation response for the purpose of programming a better night’s sleep. We do not move into and hold deep sleep without first shutting down the systems. With the right tools and a little practice the relaxation response can be quickly cued. If you have any doubts about the value of a good night sleep talk to your doctor. Sleeping well is closely associated with physical, mental and emotional health.

Installing a brand new program can take a little more commitment especially if you have been experimenting with sleep aides. Like it or not, stress often is at the root of sleep challenges. How we live throughout the day (our thoughts, feelings and behaviors) impact our night time. We carry the state we have created throughout the day into our evening routines. We do not simply turn off a high arousal state on cue, simply because it is bedtime, unless we programmed a new response.

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I am groggy at work
I drink alcohol before bedtime to help me sleep
I often have nightmares
I want to nap during the day
I tend to get sick more when I am fatigued
I do not have a regular sleep schedule
I use caffeine drinks to energize me
I don't have stamina for activities I enjoy
I receive comments about my looking tired
I see that lack of sleep is affecting my children
I often feel stressed during the day
I fall asleep with the tv on
I sometimes feel anxious
I notice my spouses sleep is being impacted
I cannot return to sleep if I awaken
I find that I am irritable
I have been prescribed sleep medications at some point
I am experiencing a feeling of gravity in my body
I am often tired by the afternoon
I can’t concentrate because I am exhausted
I wake up a lot throughout the night
I find that my mind is groggy from lack of sleep
I am mildly depressed
I find that being tired keeps me from enjoying activities
I find it difficult to fall back asleep if I awaken
I notice that I am on edge emotionally from fatigue
I have had recent stresses/new transitions
I have tried medications but they no longer work or have side effects
I feel like my body is heavy, fatigued and slowing down
I occasionally use alcohol to help me sleep
I find that my fatigue makes me irritable and impatient
I get sick often because I am exhausted


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