Self Governance Monthly Program
 Tools & Strategies-Influencing the Robot

You have completed an office acceleration and made use of personalized follow up via a private webpage. At this point for most people, strengthening subconscious learning and maintaining momentum is important. Continuing to move forward we must offer our subconscious mind a steady diet of healthy messages. The subconscious mind can be influenced but we need to influence in a deliberate consistent manner.

This self governance program is built on neuro linguistics, mind mastery and hypnosis principles. it is offered as a monthly membership for a nominal fee. It is only available to people who have become familiar with, and found value in, the concepts of the cowpath, internal robot , dvd cabinet and personalized stories for self influence.

This monthly program continues to build on the concepts you have been exposed to. The reality is  that our subconscious beliefs fuel our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and our cowpaths are very deep.

Most people do not "change" until there is sufficient "pain"  Even then, change does not  necessarily remain unless we are deliberate with our focus. When the changes we have insituted in our thinking, feeling and behaving become second nature we know that they have a "stickiness." This is the ideal, to move into a place where the new way of being is natural, easy, second nature, automatic or robotic.

Taking some time to explore, learn and play with new mind mastery tools will allow you to feel more in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors on a day today basis. This is true no matter what you plan to fine tune. 

This monthly program consists of a new lesson every two weeks. You will receive recordings. pdfs and assignments via email designed to support your continued movement toward personal influence or self governance. Remember that the mind is a learning machine and we need to be deliberate about what we feed it.

Once you begin the program you will automatically receive information every two weeks until such a time as you decide to cancel your membership. You can cancel your member on your own, or I am happy to do that for you with 48 hours notice.

Questions? Please email using the form below or call me (780) 418-1973 




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