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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

I Guess I Will Just Wait & See How It Goes...

I guess I will just wait and see how it goes. “It” may be this day, this relationship, this life, this job. You know, play it by ear, see what’s what. Just letting it “unfold” can be a sure fire recipe for failure. 

When we fail to be deliberate about our decisions and actions we give ourselves permission to stay stuck. Living with this type of thinking is no different then being someone who is content to follow the crowd. This thinking is for anyone who has become complacent and who blames the world and others for their lack of success. This is both a passive and a reactionary way of living. 

“Seeing how it goes” is a strategy used by people who have been well indoctrinated to follow the status quo. These people do a lot of “they’ing”….”they” won’t let me, “they” don’t like me, “they” have all the power, “they” have more opportunities and resources then I do. 

It takes a lot less energy to sit back and wait.

It takes a lot less umph to play it by ear.

It takes a lot less intelligence to wait and see what’s what.

This is a receipt for a mediocre life. 

This is also a recipe for those who will be lying on their death bed still bitching about the injustice of the world. These people will use their dying breath to make yet another excuse for failing to reach their potential.

Becoming unstuck means being deliberate about your decisions and actions. This isn’t always easy to do. Change usually feels like one is waging a war with the subconscious mind. This part of our being has been educated to sit back, resting on its laurels, save energy and opt for remaining with the status quo, even if it is painful. 

Change takes guts and a willingness to learn new ways of being. Positive, powerful change that can be maintained will never be had with the “I will wait and see” attitude.





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