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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Creative Tools and Strategies for Powerful Self Influence

 Everyone loves the "cowpath" model and now it is important to continue to keep these ideas fresh. This series will help you stay on track. "Cowpaths" really are about learning to master our state of mind. Mind mastery is simply a set of tools, a framework that helps you chart a new course.

These ideas allows us to have influence over our own minds. Imagine that! Do you realize that the majority of what you think and feel has become a programmed response?

We may think that our beliefs belong to us but the reality is that they are usually borrowed and/or foisted upon as at an early and vulnerable age.

Our first "programmers" were our parents and then our teachers. Most early programmers were stressed out amateurs. In spite of good intentions most early programmers passed on plenty of limiting beliefs and ideas. This interferes with creating a happy, healthy, productive and satisfying life.

Personal mind mastery is about taking responsibility for what you want to create. It is not about silly "quick fixes" or "one hour guarantees." Let's get real. You cannot hand your mind over to a stranger to be "fixed."  Please do not do that. Your mind is not a car.

Yes, it is ok to need "help and support" but at the end of the day, you need to be willing to use the tires you are buying. You don't buy new tires and leave them in the garage. That would be...well...silly. The "tires" I am talking about here are tools and strategies.

Mind mastery draws on the technology of nlp or neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis and solution focused coaching.  With a very specific set of tools and strategies we can begin to create new programs, habits and patterns. We can create a better present and future. I have some amazing tools to share but you don't get to sit passively on the sidelines.

I generally invite anyone who wants to be " quick fixed" without participating to take a hike:) I do it nicely, but I do it. With me you can always expect that I will request your participation and collaboration. It's your mind.... don't hand it over...ask for tools and strategies and then use them.



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