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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

It's great to be heard...now what?

What are some of the differences between acceleration hypnotherapy and traditional therapy?

In traditional therapy, sessions last for 50 minutes. There is the assumption that you will continue to book sessions until the issue is resolved. This is an excellent option if one is in crisis and needing to talk, to be heard or validated. However, this does not address the real needs of the subconscious mind when problems/programs are chronic. In fact, traditional therapy often encourages the subconscious mind to stay stuck in negative pathways.

Why is this? With each new session, sometimes weeks apart, a portion of the time is needed to reconnect with the therapist and the goals. The mind needs a settling in period before it will move into a flexible mode. Most often the therapist has just finished with another client, prior to your session and your seat may even still be warm. There is yet another client waiting outside the door for their 50 minutes.

I am confident that the day will come when this processing of one client after the other will be viewed as a serious violation of professional ethics.  If you want to change and are willing to follow a systematic simple process, life can get better. Period. Months or years of therapy is an old model that does not respect people's innate drive to be well and self sufficient. 

In the full day acceleration we bypass these traditional constraints, take seriously the learning needs of the subconscious mind and maintain momentum. The acceleration process allows us to target natural moments of high suggestibility throughout the day. In addition, the conscious mind becomes fatigued by the process which allows for heightened suggestibility so that changes can be cemented at the subconscious level. Full day accelerations are equivalent to six individual hypnotherapy sessions. The subconscious mind has specific needs if change is to occur and the acceleration process far exceeds what can be realistically offered in traditional 50 minute sessions. 

Something to think about:)