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Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

"To increase your effectiveness, make your emotions subordinate to your commitments." - Brian Koslow 

  • When we are stressed we are no longer accessing the best of who we are.
  • We are irritable and prone to illness. 
  • Decision making suffers-we lack confidence in our decisions or procrastinate about finalizing decisions.
  • Our work and the people we care about often receive little from us in terms of quality production and time. 
  • Stress responses are the result of distorted thinking.
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Our stress responses are a learned cow path or path of least resistance. We can train our brain to accept a higher level of functioning. We each require an optimal level of stress in order to function well. Managing stress effectively requires the decision to become the CEO of our lives.

The model we use can help to reduce the stress response in the body and solution focused nlp tools and strategies can support the development of stress management skills.  A solution focused approach can highlight new creative options.

How is stress impacting your bottom line? Your family? When stress has been allowed to pile up our creative juices diminish and what used to be easy becomes hard. Communication with employees, peers, spouses and children can become strained and eventually physical health will deteriorate.

Even if your toolbox is full of excellent coping strategies it may be time to upgrade with a new technique or two. We can develop mindsets that allow for more ease in the thoughts, feeling and behaviors that are associated with stress. 

An ongoing chronic level of stress will play a number on the body, mind and spirit. Headaches, stomach aches, foggy mind, sleep issues, stress eating, challenges with concentration, anxiety, substance abuse, difficulty in focusing and making decisions and depression...sound familiar?

In this state it is extremely difficult to build an ideal life. How can you be "you" and demonstrate  your potential  when you are living with chronic stress?  Finding a practical way to move past old programming is needed. Taking a step back and considering the possibility of retraining your brain is intelligent.

Stress creates "messy thinking" and impacts our family life, our work and social life and our physical/mental health. We are not at our best in a worried, fretful state. But with a few tweaks we can fan the spark and get to a place that feels light and vibrant.

We do NOT NEED to regurgitate the pain of the past to get to a PRESENT place that feels resourceful, vibrant and successful. 

We simply need a few excellent mind tools and strategies that will allow us to quickly alter our frame of mind and move into a place that allows us to "straighten up" our thinking. This provides the solid grounding for moving forward. 

After learning the solution framework and having an opportunity to play with the steps you will very likely be thinking:...Why didn't I think of this!?  Why aren't they teaching this in school and why hasn't anyone explained it this way before?!


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Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH

St. Albert Medical Centre

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