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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Public Speaking Weekend Training
-Terrified Beginners- 

Worst human fears:

1. Fear of public speaking 2. Fear of heights 3. Fear of insects 4. Fear of financial troubles 5. Fear of deep water 6. Fear of sickness 7. Fear of death 8. Fear of flying 9. Fear of loneliness 10. Fear of dogs

Most people have some level of public speaking fear. Very few people have a natural ease with speaking in front of a group. Those individuals who are able to comfortably address a group are perceived to be confident and knowledgeable. The ability to speak to a group with a relative sense of ease can be learned.

Becoming a leader requires that you build a level of comfort with communicating publicly.

These weekend groups are fun. Learning is state dependent. Practicing speaking in front of a group of other like minded individuals is a gentle and easy way to build the comfort muscle. Rather then experiencing the blank mind of anxiety while speaking, you can instead, through a systematic process, build a level of comfort and confidence.

We do this through a step by step process that incorporates NLP, hypnosis and real time practice.

These training opportunities are for people who have a genuine discomfort with speaking but are ready to dip a toe in the water and begin to build a solid foundation of comfort. If you have turned down speaking opportunities or avoid speaking up in work groups then this may be a fit for you. 

The intention of this training is not about becoming a professional paid speaker.  The intention is not to fine tune speeches that will keep an audience from falling asleep. The intention is not about crafting a presentation style that keeps people on the edge of their seats in eager anticipation, waiting for your next inspiring comment. We can leave that to the motivational speakers like Tony Robbins. The intention of this training is not about selling from the stage.

Rather, the intention of these fun, interactive learning groups is to literally create both subconscious and real time rehearsals that will cement a new way of of looking at and experiencing speaking opportunities. 

This process reconditions the automatic arousal response of moving into "fight-flight" reaction when one is preparing to speak.  Dry mouth, perspiring and rapid breathing are responses that have been linked to speaking.

An open, curious and playful response can be designed, practiced and cemented. Over the course of the weekend you will be led through a step by step interactive enjoyable process that naturally builds your comfort with speaking.

Public speaking weekend training will be held on Nov 30-Dec 1 in the Hypnosis for Life Inc. boardroom.  The fee is $525 and a social work receipt will be provided.

Registration by telephone. (780) 418-1973



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