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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Subconscious Creation of Healthy Thought Habits Nov 16
Tools & Strategies...Not Therapy

Really what we are talking about here is doing away with the stinking thinking habits that get in the way of a better quality of life. Discontent is a good thing. We rarely change until we are truly dissatisfied. Like it or not, this is human nature. We can shift our thinking habits and we truly NEED to in order to have a quality life. Most people do NOT need therapy. Rather, most people simply need a set of excellent practical tools and strategies. 

These workshops are dynamic, hands on opportunities to play with thinking habits in a fun safe atmosphere.

Fee-the fee for these workshops is $575

Registration-by telephone only (780) 418-1973

ps. Enjoy the fantastic video down below and see why our thinking habits are absolutely key! Our habits are all housed at the subconscious level.


Thoughts Become Hardwired Habits

We can and must create changes in our thinking if we are to cause changes in our feelings and our actions. Disciplined thinking is one of wo/mankind's biggest challenges. However most people do not need years of therapy to become healthier thinkers. They need a simple practical system. I call this system the cowpath framework. (aka path of least resistance).

For our life to feel within our control our thinking must be within our control. We often view behaviors as "habits" however our thinking becomes hardwired and habitual as well.Hypnosis and personal mind mastery allows us to learn to manage thinking and therefor manage our state. A new framework, a little practice and set of simple tools may be all that you need.

With a few new tools you might be surprised how easily you can tame and manage your thoughts. Our current thought habits are rooted at the subconscious level but we can create new programs when we shake up the framework and use basic principles of subconscious restructuring.

So, who taught you how to think? Our thoughts are usually "borrowed" and are often not our own. That is to say, they do not originate from within our true core. Today's thoughts are reruns of yesterday, we are not as creative as we would like to think. Our thoughts are rooted in our beliefs and our beliefs were embedded at a time when we lacked the ability to discern. Many of our thoughts do not serve us and require adjustment.

A thought that passes through our minds is not necessarily relevant or logical in the here and now. In fact, most people's thinking is getting in the way of a meaningful, healthy, happy and joy filled life.

Principles of hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming allow us to move away from pathologizing difficulties and into a simple step by step framework that builds success naturally. Once we decide to create a change we need practical tools to maintain the change and that is exactly what the cowpath framework offers.

Stinking Thinking

Some folks automatically equate stinking thinking habits with 12 step programs; however, even people who do not have a "typical" addiction can become incredibly talented at stinking thinking. We can subconsciously restructure the path of least resistance that keeps us from feeling good and being happy.

  • Stinking thinking gets in the way of our progress
  • Stinking thinking is often fantasy in nature with little basis in the here and now.
  • Stinking thinking piles up over time and with practice.
  • Stinking thinking becomes a habit just like any thing we practice.
  • Stinking thinking is a thought habit.
  • Stinking thinking habits reinforce beliefs that do not serve us.
  • Stinking thinking habits stop us from taking productive action.
  • Stinking thinking habits give us an excuse for inaction.
  • Stinking thinking lets us play victim.
  • Stinking thinking cripples the spirit 

What to Expect

-develop an intimate understanding of the three steps that allow you to create a new mental blueprint

-participate in many guided group activities

-complete many private writing assignments

-experience several hypnosis sessions

-begin to develop the healthiest parts of who you are

-increase the feeling of self control

-develop skills for emotions management

-deliberate creation of an identity that is healthy & focused

How Many Item Would You Check Off?

No need to fill in the form:) I much prefer that you contact the office if you are interested in the workshop. Just simply eyeball the form and get a sense as to whether your thinking patterns could use a little fine tuning.

Before you call the office please take note that the fee for this workshop is $575

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My thoughts are sometimes like wild horse running out of control
I rarely notice the positives
I engage in too much inner blaming
I notice my thoughts seem to be habitual
I keep experiencing the same problems over and over
I tend to blow things out of proportion
I call myself negative names
I notice my thoughts often to do serve me
I feel like my thoughts have a mind of their own
I find that thoughts remind me of my parent/s voice
I see my thoughts get in the way of me taking productive action
I find that my thoughts lead to unproductive feelings
I have found that my thoughts are not congruent with my goals
I know that my thoughts keep me from speaking out
I am too busy with my thoughts and they keep me from noticing the world around me
I would like my thoughts to be more constructive
I have too many thoughts that are negative
I automatically assume negative intentions in others
I believe my thoughts decrease my confidence
I feel inferior to others
I have all or nothing thinking
My reasoning is sometimes lacking
I rely on emotions in decision making
I believe my thoughts are habits and habits can be changed
My thoughts are habits of mind
My thoughts are tied to alcohol or drug abuse or emotional eating
I worry that my children will pick this problem up from me
Within 2 weeks
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Now set  a little time aside for this video. If you are unable to watch the full video, start half way in. The two day workshop is Nov 9 & 10 so in order to secure a seat please do not dilly dally:)