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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Program a Fresh Start 
Designing Your Future Self & Training Your Mind
Start date-March 1

This is a four week program delivered in seminar and online format. We begin with one full day of exposure to the acceleration model, within a group format. Commitment to three full weeks of online follow up is mandatory. We finish with one additional group training day.

Start date-March 1 10am

Fee-1500. by credit card or email debit

Social work receipts provided for insurance or tax purposes

The basics:

Phase 1-Full day introduction to the acceleration model. This takes place in the boardroom. You will participate in private journal assignments,experience hypnosis, learn several NLP "mind games for personal influence and create a blueprint for the identity you are designing. "Sharing" of personal information is not required. This is not "group therapy" rather, it is a highly structured training day.

Phase 2-Three weeks of  private "practice" with new thoughts, feelings and behaviors backed up by online modules. You must have access to a computer and the internet.

Phase 3-Full day of review and additional tools in the boardroom.

Ask yourself:

Set the past aside and ask:

"Who do I want to be now?"

"Who do I plan to evolve into in three months from now? 

"What do I want my life to look or feel like in one year from now?"

Be honest.

Creating a fresh start requires that your subconscious mind is in agreement. You need new tools and strategies for this. This program is designed to support your fresh start. If you make use of the principles and practice the strategies, life will be different.

If your subconscious mind is not on board you can plan for plenty of exhausting mind numbing, dream killing and hope dashing misery.

A little dramatic?

Not at all.

The reality is that most people struggle to create changes. Most people "go at" change from a perspective that is certain to keep them stuck in the same path of least resistance, or as I call it, cowpath. Time goes by, energy dwindles and eventually people scale down their dreams, accept less, get old, miserable and learn to blame the world.

Reactions to this state of being may be visible or invisible to others. Weight issues, addictions, anxiety and depression are often the result of of being stuck too long.

A better future requires:

1) An honest assessment of where you are now.

2) A detailed blueprint of what you want to create.

3) The creation of new aspects of the identity.

4) A subconscious acceptance of the beliefs consistent with the new identity.

5) Specific deliberate action based on 1-4.

How to get started:

This group begins March 1/14. Telephone screening has begun.

Before you contact the office please:

1) Read the model.

2) Read the Subconscious Restructuring Guide PDF on the right menu.

3) If submission to insurance is a prerequisite to attendance please check with your insurance company to see if a BSW RSW receipt will be covered prior to requesting a telephone screening.

The above 3 steps are REQUIRED. Please demonstrate your willingness to put skin in the game. Without a willingness to take action and follow through on required steps, change is less likely to occur.

In order to receive the absolute maximum benefit of the model you are required to follow through, accept and work with step by step suggestions. This begins with the process of screening and continues throughout the progression of the group.

If you are not prepared to follow required steps this program likely is not for you. I can help you if you are prepared to work through the model. Please demonstrate your understanding of this by being prepared for your screening call.

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