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Tim's story-hypnotherapy for depression

“Going to you wasn’t what I expected it to be but it was way better. You’re pretty intense about this and the need for follow up tools for depression. At first I didn’t like that but yes it makes sense and yes I have done what I said I would do and yes its working and yes I am doing really well. Thank you Terri for everything and mostly for being a nice hard ass and not letting me off the hook.” Tim Y Edmonton

Tim is a 39-year-old single sales executive who has shared custody of one young child. Tim does not have a history of depression and describes himself as someone who has always easily “bounced back” from challenges. He has been successful at “work and play” and has managed to create a lifestyle of abundance. He sees himself as a competent achiever who was “brought to his knees” by the emotional stress of a custody battle.

Tim grew up in a patriarchal family and was expected to achieve career success, settle down and have a family.  He fought these ideals and spent most his adult life in a series of superficial relationships with no intention of marrying or having children. However, when a very short term relationship resulted in the birth of his daughter he was surprised to learn that the child evoked in him a strong desire to be an active parent. For several years engaged in a series of court actions. After receiving joint custody Tim was exhausted, overwhelmed and found himself having difficulty managing his emotions. He requested support with reigniting the part of him that had felt “capable and competent” again.

Despite initially hoping for a “quick fix” Tim was another excellent candidate for this work. A natural high achiever, he was motivated to learn about the workings of his subconscious mind and was particularly interested in how beliefs are formed. He made good use of success planning and quickly saw the value in several instruments chosen for him. He worked hard in sessions, and eagerly took assignments out into the field. He has been able to blend the best of innate preferences with new programming that allows him to manage the role of father with ease and joy. He continues to enjoy being single, and to excel at work while playing a very involved role as a father.


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