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Sasha's story-hypnotherapy for depression

"Hi Terri, twenty years of on and off therapy, and yet you gave me a set of tools that no one else seems to know about. At first I was mad when you said feeling good it isn’t rocket science. Well, you proved that it isn’t. I will be using this cow thing for the rest of my life. Absolutely life changing! Loved the follow up!" Sasha K. Edmonton

Sasha is a 47 year old married teacher with two teens. She experienced postpartum depression after her second child and in her words “hasn’t been the same since.” Sasha made good use of traditional therapy and has experimented with a variety of anti-depressant medications over the years. While this support was beneficial for her she had continued to feel that she was missing a key ingredient in her desire to feel well.

Sasha describes her childhood as being “normal” and does not attribute her challenges to early life experiences. She remembers her parents as being loving, supportive and firm. They encouraged her artistic expression as a child and have been active supportive grandparents. Mental health and addiction issues were not at play for her parents as far she knows. Her one sibling also choose teaching as a profession and Sasha believes her sister is well adjusted and happy.

Sasha requested support because she felt that her physical and mental energy were low despite medical testing indicating that she was in perfect health. Her motivation to complete daily tasks had decreased and she was sleeping poorly. Sasha had stopped exercising, was overeating, drinking “an extra glass of wine at night” and gaining weight. Overall, she was discontent with her life and deeply concerned about the potential to become severely depressed again.

Sasha was a good candidate for this work although she did have a difficult start. Becoming a student again was a challenge for her initially. However, she was determined to create meaningful positive changes for herself and was motivated to be an excellent role model for her children.  She benefited from regression, success planning and actively participated in take home assignments. Today she feels confident about her ability to feel in charge of her emotions, has renewed energy and is excited about sharing what she has learned with her children.


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