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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Private Program Clinical Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (nlp) tools and strategies can support the development of social confidence through the creation of new thought, feeling and behavior habits. It feels good to be able to manage social situations with relative ease.

Many people find social situations to be challenging. In fact I would say that the majority of people have some level of un-ease in some social situations. Like all things, it is a matter of degree isn’t it?

Whether it is meeting new people, beginning a conversation, being asked to explain an idea in front of a group or simply finding words to express the thoughts running around the head, most people are not as comfortable as they would like to be.

Our comfort with social situations can increase. Our lack of comfort is most often a learned response that has become a second nature  or “talent.”  It become easy to move into the position of fear/anxiety/self doubt around other people, often simply because this stance has been so well programmed. In fact, many people have decided that they have social anxiety when in fact we could instead say that these people have done a fantastic job of getting really good at something they really do not want. If it doesn’t serve us but has become habituated, we are very skilled already in self hypnosis.

We need to use this power for good. To do so requires a better and more disciplined understanding of how we influence ourselves. Instructed self hypnosis and nlp tools can support the movement in greater and increasing comfort within social situations.

People who have developed the ability to connect with others are at an advantage in terms of forging new personal and business relationships. These individuals are more likely to describe their social lives as satisfying. This does not mean their social circle is necessarily large, but the individuals within it have qualified to be there.

The ability to begin small, with “small” talk is a skill that can be developed.  The ability to get a read on others is a natural skill that is muffled by anxious signals. The ability to create realistic goals for different social situation comes with an understanding of how we personally operate and how others operate as well.

An understanding of useful hypnosis and nlp principles can put the “socially anxiety” person in a very powerful position. A mindset that allows for a natural unfolding of rapport with others can be built and strengthened.

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