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Jeans' story-anxiety hypnotherapy

"You helped me do what I have not been able to do for years. When I wake up in the morning I want to begin the day. I want to get out of bed. I want to accomplish my goals. My kids have their Mom back and my husband has his wife back and perhaps most importantly, I have ME back and it’s a stronger more polished version. If I could I would drag every family member, every friend, and every neighbor in to see you, plunk them down and say “pay attention!” I will always be grateful for your amazing insights and kindness. Thanks for getting me and helping me to move beyond that cowpath I was so stuck in." Jean F. St. Albert, AB

Jean is a 43 year old professional, married woman with two pre-teens. She has been experiencing anxiety and depression on and off since her children were born. Over the years she has attended traditional therapy, marriage and group counselling and has had several lengthy periods of time on a variety of medications.

Jean describes her early childhood as having been chaotic. The youngest of four children she often felt alone and isolated. The family moved frequently and her mother was often hospitalized for a range of illnesses. She has few memories of her father, stating that his work required him to travel. Her home life was unstable with many short-term caregivers. Early on Jean decided that it was best to stay quiet believing that her needs would not be met.

As a child, Jean was an excellent student and focused her attention on her grades. As a young adult, she excelled at university and when she graduated she was recruited quickly. The organizational structure met her needs and she earned many promotions over the years. While she did not find the work particularly exciting she did enjoy the structure.

When Jean asked for support she had just taken a leave of absence from work. She felt that she had hit a dead end in terms of her career and her marriage. She felt stuck and had been trying to convince herself that “this is as good as it gets.” However, her level of dissatisfaction was leading to insomnia, alcohol binges and episodes of extreme frustration and anger with her children.

Jean worked hard over a period of several months, finding the assessment process to be both structured and practical. She was fascinated by the model used, enjoyed the hypnotherapy for anxiety reduction sessions and began teaching it to her children. Through a series of sessions, calls and assignments she developed new awareness and had a multitude of “ah-ha” moments. She was an excellent candidate for this work. Making use of the information provided by the testing instruments used, she is in a new more satisfying position within the same company and is negotiating changes with her husband. She has found her voice, is strongly associated with her innate preferences, and has developed new beliefs about what is possible.  


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