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Sensual Eating and Weight Loss Hypnosis
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Healthy Mindset and Habit Creation for a Healthier & Slimmer Body

Weight loss hypnosis session philosophy-this weight loss hypnosis mp3 session and journal assignment supports you to form new sensual eating habits. Eating brings us pleasure. There is no point in deny the fact that food can elicit very pleasant feelings and sensations. Wanting to give ourselves pleasure is natural and normal. Giving ourselves pleasure is a form of offering ourselves a soothing and loving experience. Most of what we do is driven by the need to either avoid pain or create pleasure in one form or another.

Recognizing, accepting and honoring this reality makes sense. Now, how do we work with that knowing? How do we make it work for us if the goal is to create a healthier and slimmer body?

Eating sensually fulfills the need for fuel/nutrition and it also fulfills the need for creating pleasure in our bodies. When you begin to incorporate sensual habits around food you can satisfy your need for pleasure and begin to require less food at the same time. The more sensual we are with our food, the less it takes to satisfy us and this is significant in terms of portions.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

Review and Purchase-Healthy Mindset and Habit Creation for a Healthier & Slimmer Body

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