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Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-6
Educational Series

In the last email (email 5) I again referred to the GAP between where we are and where we want to be.

I suggested that closing the GAP requires that we understand how the subconscious mind functions. If we are to begin influencing the subconscious mind to willingly accept new ways of being we need to respect that it’s aim is to always return to the path of least resistance. In this work, I refer to those paths of least resistance as “cow paths.”

Closing the GAP requires that we understand the subconscious mind:

-does not know, or care, about what is in our best interest
-lacks the ability to reason
-is literal (black and white)

In subsequent emails I will continue to offer you a better understanding of your subconscious mind. Without comprehending how it operates we are apt to continue down the same “cow paths” and continue to have the same results.

Remember, as I said in the first email, this is a sequential series that is designed to support you in a process. We want change to be realistic, not a glorified quick fix that does not “stick.” Consider what is being offered and review the last emails if you believe that will be helpful. Several concepts have been repeated for your benefit.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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