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"Terri my relationships are back on track. The work we did and continue to do has been a life saver for me. In spite of all the raving mad rages my wife experienced from me she now gets to see a new me. As you know we are rebuilding. I have a lot of trust to earn back but I am well on my way." George, G Halifax

"I have gone from always being livid when triggered to now being the coolest cucumber in the room:) I just about ruined my life, my relationships and my career. I was a fuming idiot who got madder and madder with the less respect I got and it was a vicious cycle." Bob C Edmonton

"After losing another job I had to face facts. Yes other people can be shitheads but I can only control me. You brought out the leader in me Terri and believe it or not I am up for a promotion. I know you believe it because all along you believed even when I couldn’t and would get mad at YOU! I can hardly image a better life then I have right now. You have my utmost respect and gratitude forever" Jack W. Calgary

"What I liked most was the customization. For me this was huge. You really listened and you know your stuff. Its goddam scary to think of where my life was heading." Jim, Timmons

My husband and I are now in a much better place. The work you did with both us turned things around. We weren’t ready to give up and now we are glad we didn’t. You are a lifesaver Terri. I no longer feeling like a crazy lunatic! The rages have subsided. I still have small little bouts of irritation but they are what you’d call “normal and healthy” responses to boundary violations. We are getting better at noticing and resolving quickly. The program saved our marriage. Tim, K Vancouver

"The path is clear. No more excuses for my anger. No more fuming and scheming to get even. Every area of my life has improved, thank you Terri." Steve, F

"After two divorces I never thought I would be fit for a relationship again. I knew I had to get this anger under control. I see myself in a whole new light now and my reactions are being managed in this new relationship. I am learning its ok to feel righteous indignation and deal with it in a positive timely way." Gina W. Brandon "Especially respected the fact that you didn’t let me waste my time bitching. We got down to work fast and created the blueprint as you call it and installed it (now that’s funny). Im using the simple follow up process and feeling superb. Im in total control in the boardroom and no longer seething inside. Next time we are in town can you see my wife? " Rick K Phoenix

"I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I could learn to go from furious to just plain irritated!! What a different this makes to my world." Carol Y St. Albert

"This was well worth the investment and better then spending money on another vacation. We see these anger management tools running down into the kids and someday, god willing, into our grandkids. No more hostility and silent treatments." Dennis H Calgary

"My kids are finally getting the dad they deserve, not a constantly pissed off one." Ken T Edmonton

"This has seriously impacted my marriage greatly. Things are looking up when I don’t get so riled up over the little things. Terri thank you for the work you do." Tom M Fort Sask

Habitual anger can damage our physical well being as well. There is no doubt that chronic anger plays a role in blood pressure and weakens immunity. Anger plays more havoc on our physical body then any other emotion.

All states can become habits, including the states of anger, anxiety and often depression. Through the creation of new thought, feeling and behavior habits we develop more control over all areas of our lives. 

It is intelligent to look at new ways to deal with frustration, hurt and irritation, and to address the self talk that builds anger. Learning to manage your state in spite of internal and external triggers is empowering and intelligent. 

You may have already damaged your most significant relationships and even frighten yourself with your angry behavior.  With new tools, you can begin to manage situations in new ways. You can look forward to feeling proud of, and in control of, your responses.

The ability to take a step back, gain perspective and choose new thoughts, feelings and behaviors can become the norm, rather then the exception.

  • You were not born with an angry disposition.
  • Anger is a learned response and subconsciously driven path of least resistance.
  • A lack of confidence in one's potential is often at the root of anger issues.
  • Many people who use make use of this service have concerns with depression and addictions.
  • This work is not about blaming angry responses on past influences or current situations.
  • This work is about supporting a subconscious acceptance of healthier responses to triggers.

Tired of feeling pissed off all the time?

Trust me, if you are tired of it so is your spouse, your children, your co-workers or your employees. Being around someone who is chronically angry is draining. Usually everyone is waiting for the angry person to finally grow up. The subconscious mind of the angry person has simply accepted an angry persona. The angry person needs to commit to the acquisition of new tools and strategies that come with the identification of being in charge of one's life.

Studies show that anger does a number on your relationships, your physical health and your work. Unfortunately, anger can become an automatic, second nature or programmed response. People who have habituated anger responses have  difficult time picking their battles.

The good news is that you were not born to be angry, it is a response that you have learned, rehearsed over time and become very talented at. So talented in fact that you don't even need to consciously plan for it. So conditioned that all it takes is a teeny little stimulus from the external environment to set you off. Sound familiar? Angry people give their power away because they have not yet learned to be the CEO of their life. It is a vicious cycle that is hell bent on continuing until the subconscious mind has accepted a new way of being.

Anger is an emotion that we are often taught to deny. When we are little and angry, we are sent to our rooms and told to stay there until we are ready to apologize for the emotion and put a smile on our face.

It might have been better to learn how to manage anger rather than be punished for it. Sometimes the feeling of anger is useful information. It tells us that something needs to change. Many people have a sense of shame about their anger. Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and solution focused NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coaching can help to resolve anger before it can be converted into depression. 

Some people who identify themselves as having issues with anger also have addiction concerns and use substances as a state management tool. Without support and new tools unresolved anger limits our ability to fulfill our purpose, attain our goals and move into our potential. Anger makes thoughts illogical and clouds thinking processes, stealing clarity and focus. 

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