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Distorted Thinking Habits

Write this down…”thoughts are habits.” 

Habits become hard-wired.

The subconscious mind is:

  • not your soul.
  • not your spirit.
  • not your higher self.

Rather, the subconscious mind is a mechanism that is responsible for maintaining learned, conditioned patterns or ways of being and it seeks to expend as little energy as possible.

The fact that thoughts are habits lead us to the following conclusions:

  • distorted thoughts trigger distorted feelings associated with old beliefs
  • distorted feelings are habits that trigger distorted actions.
  • habitual distorted actions keep us from realizing our goals.

When you really “get” the truth of these statements then the states you can begin to view stress, depression, anxiety, anger and other issues as automatic, conditioned or programmed responses that are readily triggered.

We create a neural highway or path of least resistance (cow path).

This is not to suggest that change is impossible. Rather, it helps us understand why most change efforts result in frustration and the desire to bang our heads against a wall. 

  • useless programmed responses can be altered.
  • inefficient programmed responses can be shifted.
  • sabotaging programmed responses can be replaced.

 But...only through a process that values the learning needs of the subconscious mind. All other efforts are short term and at risk for relapse to old conditioned responses.

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