2 good questions to ask yourself

1. Where could you be one year from today if you upgrade your mindset?

2. Where will you be one year from today if you do not upgrade your mindset?


Have a paper and pen handy when you call. We begin working immediately.

(780) 418-1973 

Monday-Friday 7:30am-6:30pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Riverside Professional Centre

#102 14 Mission Ave.

St. Albert, AB

T8N 1H4

#102  14 Mission Ave.

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2 Support Options

1One to One Private Accelerated Intensive -this is ideal if you prefer to work privately.

2. Mindset Mastery Class-one day training. This is a cost efficient option for extended hours of service for those that see the benefit of learning within a social context.

Registered social work (rsw) receipt for insurance/health spending/tax.

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Raise Your Standards

The Key to Success

Terri Lee Cooper

2  Options

Private-1 to 1 Acceleration

Mindset Mastery Class

Successful Clients

“Exactly what I needed.” Sam, B Confidence. Edmonton, AB 

"First rate from start to finish.  Thanks again Terri." Anxiety.Brad, K. Edmonton

"Appreciated your no bullshit approach.  Your professionalism and integrity was beyond what I expected. I would say this was the best investment I have ever made." Confidence. Todd R  New York

"Terri I have seen alot of therapists and few hypnotherapists but you are the only one I would send my family to. You put lots of love into this and you have developed quite a unique process, I want to thank you for seeing me and let you know I will always be grateful." Self discovery.Jim G Edmonton

"You have the gift of clarity and you gave it to me. You took what has felt big confusing and overwhelming for years and you have made it manageable. Thank you for everything I can't ever thank you enough." Weight.Jill K Cold Lake

"Profound, enlightening and absolutely one of the most effective measures I have come across. Terri, you are truly gifted I and I sincerely pray you never stop offering this. “ Depression.Mac. D. Sherwood Park

"After on and off therapy for years I can say that this has been what I actually needed. I received so much more out of this process then regular therapy. I wish I didnt wait so long to do this." Depression. M.L. St. Albert, AB

"Waking up feeling like life is worth living and being excited to get after the day. It doesn't get any better then this. Thanks for taking me on Terri, I will always remember you. Next time I am in town Im coming to one of your free reviews, can't wait to see you." Addictions.Nick, F  Los Angeles

"I dont have tons of time so liked the full day acceleration process. Especially respected that you didnt let me waste time bitching. We got down to work fast, created the "blueprint" as you call it and "installed it" (now thats funny). Im using the simple follow up process and feeling superb. Im in total control in the boardroom. Next time we are in town can you see my wife?" Anxiety.Rick K. Phoenix 

"Terri I have seen alot of therapists and few hypnotherapists but you are the only one I would send my family to. You put lots of love into this and you have developed quite a unique process, I want to thank you for seeing me and let you know I will always be grateful." Stress.Jim G Edmonton

"Feeling great—better than ever! Again, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools to finally take control of my life—on so many levels. I am so glad I made the decision to come and see you." Stress. Sandra.B Stony Plain, AB 

“I know you don’t take credit but you really should. I tried everything before coming to you. I see how serious you are about this and I really needed help. I remember everything you told me and reviewed it all. For years I never expected to be in this place. I like it!” Phobia. Frieda K. Los Angeles

"You put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that should have been obvious to me. I wasn't able to see it. My future just opened up bigtime. Can't even begin to thank you enough." Weight. Jessica, L. Calgary

"I am more relaxed and confident about my process, then I have ever been in my life; an amazing process." Confidence.Len. G. Edmonton, AB

I feel whole again. I don't know why I waited so long to do this!" Anger.Fran.G. Fort Sask, AB

"Thanks Terri, getting the custom mp3s from the session have been really helpful. I listen to them when I am falling asleep and life is good!" Anger Tim.N Timmons

"Sexy lady you rocked my *#!%^!* world. What a bunch of zombies we are. You woke me up. Thank you x one hundred million. My new path is full of confidence, every day it's better and better . The follow up kicks ass." Confidence. James H Edmonton

"Terri you are a bitch with class. Yes, that is a compliment. You did not let us waste our time with you and you demanded more of us then we thought we had. The no fault no blame model approach took us out of the cowpath. We needed this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." Anger.Kent & Tina Fort Sask