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“Terri, your program and how you work  changed my life. I don’t think anyone else out there does half of what you do. You should come to our office and teach all those ideas. Everyone is wondering where the old me is! Going to work now is totally different for me. I never expected to be this sure of myself.” James R Edmonton, AB 

“Exactly what I needed. I am more assured then I have ever been in my life. ” Sam, B Edmonton, AB 

“The lens we talked about has 100% moved me out of that gravity place. My productivity has doubled and I am up for a review soon. I expect it to be positive. My certainty in myself is almost unbelievable.” Conrad, L. Stony Plain, AB 

“Too simple. Why don’t we know this stuff!!! It is fucking fantastic to finally get my head out of my ass. Total turn around. You really know your shit, what a pleasure to work with you.” Hank, H Australia 

“My wife still does not know I came to see you. But she sees something different, the man I used to be I guess, not the weak one I was becoming. I’m getting another chance and I am trying to teach your process to my kids.” Kent, Los Angeles

 “Doing super in my work now, thanks to you. Can’t even believe it sometimes what a difference this all made to my life. I don’t feel like a coward anymore and I trust myself like never before. You’re the best!”
Dean S St. Albert

“Could not wait to tell you this…I got the promotion! My kids and husband are so excited for me. I’m not even nervous about starting, believe it or not. I have faith in me now, I’m less timid.  I’m so grateful to you for really taking the time to get me, thank you.”
Linda F Edmonton

"Getting a new perspective on how my parents treated me and how I don't have to keep the old programs was an eye opener. Wish I did it sooner. I have faith in me and in you and now I want my kids to see you."
Trish E Drayton Valley

“Terri, I feel like I am on the other side now. I feel ten feet tall and bullet proof. I feel fearless.“
Lance D Fort McMurray

“Got to say I like this new me much, much, much better. Gone is the meek me. My girlfriend is responding in ways I won’t even write about, don’t wanna make you blush.”
Eric D Edmonton

“Hey Terri I’m doing what we agreed to and your right it gets easier. I almost forget how awkward I was before! I am becoming bolder every day.”
Len W Hinton

“My experience with Terri was incredible. I felt much more at ease then I expected to and learned so much. This was perfect for me. I have a lot of take-aways that have been making a big difference in terms of my confidence level.  Aced my interview, this was a big focus for me and something that needed to happen. Everything I learned will be implemented in the new position. Can’t thank you enough.” Trevor K, Fort Mac 

“I appreciate what you did for me and that you didn’t give up on me even though I was an ass. Thank you. My confidence has sky rocketed and I do what needs to be done, feeling incredibly secure these days.”  Grant, A. Phoenix

  • A lack of confidence is fear based.
  • A chronic lack of confidence results in poor decision making, ineffectual action and ultimately a life that ends with regret.
  • Poor decision making impacts both our personal and professional lives. 
  • Creating the thought, feeling and behaviour patterns of a confident person allows for greater satisfaction in every life area.
  • Confidence is sexy and attracts opportunities.
  • Confidence construction requires some level of self-discovery.
  • Confidence is often not a part of our social programming. 
  • Our identity is a combination of innate preferences and social programming that pushes our original potential into the back seat.
  • Constructing a confident persona requires deliberate subconscious restructuring.
  • Fear based responses when not addressed, can lead to the following: stress responsesanxiety, anger, depression and addiction issues.

Whether you want to build confidence for the boardroom, the living room or the bedroom hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming and solution focused coaching can support the development of a more confident persona. People who are confident move and speak in a very particular manner. People who are confident have a specific set of beliefs.

We are not necessarily born with "confidence" but we can begin to systematically train our brain to accept a more confident persona. People who are confident are more to have their needs met in healthy manners. 

Almost everyone grew up with amateur parents. Parents often unknowingly instill feelings of self doubt and inferiority in their offspring. Then as we begin to grow up we are inundated with messaging from the world around us and and this deflates our growing self esteem.

It can be rough out there.

What we are demonstrating now, is not the only possibility. If we are not satisfied with our identity we can take responsibility for changing it with a little help and a few new tools. We tend to respect people who exude confidence. They seem to be more trustworthy.  There is something about the demonstration of composure and grace of confident people that excites us.

After the early years, our school systems pick up the reins and continue with the socializing process. Constant grading and evaluation leave many people feeling that they do not measure up somehow and there is often a feeling of shame. These dynamics continue on in the play ground of life...the boardroom, the living room and the bedroom. Self esteem and confidence are closely connected. Self discovery work coupled with hypnosis nlp programming is powerful. We can begin to program a new response, for the life we want to live today.

Shame and blame are cornerstones of shaping behavior. (You will learn about the influences of social programming in the required workbook).

We often see children who are fretful and unsure of themselves and this carries over into adulthood.

Sometimes we see a relatively confident adult who experiences a set back with the stress of life transitions and the subconscious mind gets "stuck" on this experience. 

Hypnosis and nlp coaching for confidence building and improving self image can positively impact all areas of a person's life. 

Most people seek out support for confidence building for the work place, intimate relationships and social anxiety. A sense of self-assurance and mastery in the ability to communicate and present oneself well is important in these areas. 

If we look at confidence from a perspective of having been programmed then we can begin to teach the subconscious mind to accept a healthy image of a confident self. Early programming aside, the premise of this work is that there is nothing "wrong" with you, over time you simply have conditioned a response that you have now chosen to manage in new ways.

Your current beliefs about yourself simply need to be upgraded. People who are confident have a certain type of internal dialogue that serves them. Using hypnosis, basic learning strategies and applying the principles of conditioning we can begin to alter internal processes and behaviors so that you can build confidence and feel more sure about your performance in any arena.

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One to One Office Sessions, Educational Groups (Edmonton, AB) & Customized Online Portals 

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