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...it is crucial to develop a working relationship with the stubborn subconscious mind...

If you do not see yourself as being in charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, you will not perceive yourself as the CEO of your life. The self image we currently hold must be looked at as a learned, conditioned response that has been cemented via social programming. 

Life challenges are a result of absorption of a victim mentality.

Excerpt from the workbook, page 8 & 10 (note-all clients are asked to complete the workbook)

Why is becoming the CEO of your life so important?

Your success depends on your ability to influence your states, moods and natural inclinations. In order to do this it is crucial to develop a working relationship with the stubborn subconscious mind (see the subconscious mind and creating change). The success you create in your life, in any area, will require, for starters, awareness about your present circumstances and curiosity about what else is possible for you. You will see how awareness and curiosity play out as we move through a systematic process in this workbook.

Answer this question quickly-Where are you experiencing the most challenges right now?

Personal life___ Professional life___ Both___

Your ability to be in control of, and to influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, is reflected in important life areas including: your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, your relationships (family, work, social), your career/business/school, your finances, your fun and recreation and how you manage your time. All areas of your personal and professional life are affected by how well you manage yourself. So, you must become absolutely positively obsessed about becoming the CEO of your life.

Being the CEO of your life means that, at minimum:

 You feel in charge of yourself rather than being at the mercy of past programming or current circumstances.

 You consciously choose new goals and new beliefs rather than passively allowing others to foist their expectations upon you.

 You move out of an automated way of being and take timely constructive deliberate action that is congruent with a consciously chosen self-image.

 You commit to doing whatever it takes to create the life you desire.

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