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Jim's story-anxiety hypnotherapy

"Terri, I have seen a lot of therapists and few hypnotherapists but you are the only one I would send my family to. You put lots of love into this and you have developed quite a unique process, I want to thank you for seeing me and let you know I will always be grateful." Jim G Edmonton

Jim is a 51 year old married man, working in the legal industry and has two teenage children.  Jim states that he has experienced anxiety and anger issues since his childhood. An only child, he spent a good deal of time on his own. He had few friends in school and often felt isolated. He was bullied and he often avoided school by pretending to be sick. Despite his social challenges and his poor attendance he did well academically.

Jim describes his parents as “hermits” who rarely engaged in family or community activities, preferring to stay home and watch television. He suspects that his mother was depressed and that his father was a “closet alcoholic.” There was little interaction between the family members and Jim does not remember receiving much support or encouragement.

Jim left home shortly after high school, taking on a variety of small jobs. During this time he chose to disengage from his family and spent many years off and on in traditional therapy trying to make sense of his childhood and his lack of life direction. He met his future wife, an outgoing and humorous woman, in law school. To his surprise she agreed to date him and later to marry him.

Jim requested support in the hopes of laying to rest the uncomfortable feelings he still had about his family of origin. He believed that his “issues” with his parents (one now deceased) were interfering in in the relationship we wished to have with his own children. He was also fearful that eventually his wife would “wake up” and leave him.

Jim had a hard start with this work initially. It was difficult for him to trust the process, but he soon became fully engaged. An analytical person, he enjoyed the success planning instruments chosen for him and participated fully in the work process. He appreciated the concrete structured support offered, found comfort in the customization and benefited from regression. He has made excellent use of appointments, assignments and telephone consultations.

Today Jim has fully absorbed a new mindset about his early life and has implemented new strategies in terms of his expectations and communications with his children. He has developed new understandings about the role of the subconscious and how this has positively impacted the match between himself and his wife.


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