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Educational Series

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW NLP_M DCH  

St. Albert Medical Centre

Anxiety Hypnosis
Client Experiences

“Terri thanks so much for all your help and patience with me. This process was incredible for me. It really made my mind begin to think outside of the box and improved my communication with my husband too.”
Janice N 33 Edmonton

“Programming a new response was very new to me. I had been going at this backwards but this made sense and even better, it works. Good fit for me.”
Ted R. Edson

“This was a project for me that I always wanted to take on. I don’t know how I knew it but I just knew this would be the answer for me. I can’t thank you enough. This made a huge difference is how I am doing a work.”
Anita D St. Albert

“You were the first person that brought my attention to this whole problem in a way that made it feel do-able. From day one you helped me and I am still going strong. I am more hopeful then I have ever been, it all makes so much sense.”
Matt W Edmonton

“One of the biggest things I noticed is not just that my thoughts are so different but that my body feels new. I think it is in recovery.”
Linda S Vernon

“Terri my thinking feels way better, I feel rational again! It is like my mind went from a hurricane to a calm sea. It is weird, like being calm or stoned but total aware concentration. Can’t explain it very well but I sure like it!”
Ryan H Fort Mac

“My family thinks you must be a miracle worker. My wife and brothers are getting a kick out of this. I’m no longer the worry wart.”

James R Edmonton

“Thanks! I feel more in control of my body and my head then ever before in my whole life. It is like a new me. I am enjoying being with people in a very unexpected way.”

Kyle J Edmonton

“It feels so good to breathe, to have relaxed shoulders and to be able to think straight. Terri your tools are awesome!”
Frank O St. Albert

More client experiences

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