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"I have gone from always being livid when triggered to now being the coolest cucumber in the room:) I just about ruined my life, my relationships and my career. I was a fuming idiot who got madder and madder with the less respect I got and it was a vicious cycle."  Bob C Edmonton

Bob is a 39 year old man living common law and is the step father to two young children. He is extremely well educated and working in a senior management position. Like George, he has had anger management issues for a significant number of years.

Bob remembers his early home life as being traumatic with many moves and a series of different step parents in and out of his life. He was exposed to the addictions of his biological parents and several of their partners. Life was very chaotic and he received little in the way of emotional nurturing. Physical punishment was common and Bob withdrew emotionally but developed passive aggressive tendencies.

Prior to requesting support Bob had been asked to take a leave of absence from work. The company offered counselling which he refused. In spite of having significant training in his field, he had ongoing difficulty with working relationships. He often perceived himself to be unappreciated and responded by withholding his ideas, retreating and performing at a minimum level. While work issues were the presenting concern for Bob, his partner was becoming frustrated with his angry outbursts at home.

Bob participated fully in success planning, and returned to work with a new mindset. He no longer views himself in terms of being a “victim” and does not respond in a a passive aggressive manner. He has worked hard to forge a new identity at the subconscious level and is creating a new reality for himself. He has a range of new tools and strategies that have been helpful in the boardroom. In addition, the relationship with his partner has improved. 

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